Innovations in textile, apparel & fashion industry

Figure 1: While different garments require different level of stretch growth and recovery percentage, careful control is very important in different stages of spinning, fabric manufacturing and processing to produce right quality.

Factors to be considered for improving stretch fabric performance

Stretch in garments is one of the key consumer requirements now in fashion garments. Elastomeric fibers are being used to bring this quality in... Read More
Silkflex gave award to some renowned printing industry

119 factories receive Silkflex printing award

The printing industry in Bangladesh has the potential to become the second highest foreign exchange earning sector after the readymade garments sector. Bangladeshi prints... Read More

New shirt designed to keep cooler a high-intensity workout

Exercise is essential to prevent and reduce risks of many diseases and improve physical and mental health. Research from the American Journal of Preventative... Read More

H&M foundation discloses a new closed-loop apparel recycling eco-system

A new closed-loop apparel recycling eco-system was displayed by H&M Foundation in collaboration with the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel at... Read More
Figure1: Soyabean meal used in making automobile parts in Ford Rouge Plant in 1935.

Soyabean fiber- properties, processes and uses

After nearly a hundred years of development, chemical synthetic fibers gradually matured in the 20th century. Despite the fact that  chemical  synthetic fibers (polyester,... Read More
Figure1: Chief Guest of the seminar Engr. Md. Shafiqur Rahman, President of ITET, handed over certificates to the printing factories.

Double blade and roller squeegee to increase productivity in printing industry

The second technical seminar on the intelligent device of automatic screen printing machine was held on 30 November at the hotel Westin in Dhaka.... Read More

Huntsman launches non-fluorinated durable water repellents for textile

Huntsman Textile Effects has introduced the new PHOBOTEX® RSY non-fluorinated durable water repellent (DWR) standard for repellency especially on high-performance synthetic textiles on 15... Read More
Figure 1: Pineapple not only good for health as fruit, its leaf have been used as fiber for producing luxury cloths in the history.

Clothing made from pineapple fiber

Many health conscious people love to have Pineapple as their favorite dessert. It's because of many health benefits of the delicious fruit. It protects... Read More
Figure 1: Demand of textile testing equipment is on the rise.

Application of textile testing equipment in garments industry

The next time you go shopping for any kind of clothing, take a closer look at the fabric contained in that garment. Believe it... Read More
Figure: A new textile made from a reversible fabric could warm or cool wearers and keep them comfortable. (Credit Yi Cui Group)

Stanford researchers develop double-duty textile to keep warm or cool

Researchers from Stanford University, California, have developed double-duty, reversible fabric that can keep one’s body both cool and warm, depending which side faces out,... Read More
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