Fiber, Yarn & Fabric

Fiber, Yarn & Fabric

Innovations in textile fiber, yarn & fabric

Figure 1: Some disposable hygiene & incontinence products

Disposable hygiene & adult incontinence products to see major market growth

Nonwovens are unique, innovative, and indispensable, high-tech engineered fabrics made from fibers, and are used across a wide range of applications and products. Modern... Read More
Figure 1: The life cycle of Pinatex™.

New nonwoven textile material developed from pineapple leaf fiber

Global awareness about a pollution free environment is being built-up and people, in general, are becoming more inclined to the use of natural fiber... Read More
The launching of the first carbon fiber manufacturing facility in Australia.

Australia starts carbon fiber production

For the first time, Australia will have the capacity to produce carbon fibers at scaled-up level. On 20th February 2017, a wet spinning line... Read More
Picture shows a fiber research center of Aditya Birla Grasim, the company which secures largest market of Bangladesh's viscose need.

Manufacturing of regenerated cellulose fiber (viscose) in Bangladesh using jute as a raw material

Fibers are the basic component of fabrics. The history of fibers is as old as human civilization and the usage of fiber was limited... Read More

Fabric harvests energy from sun and motion

Georgia Tech researchers report the development of micro-cable textile that harvests energy from sun and mechanical motion. The team led by Professor Zhong Lin... Read More

Modern value added knit garments using printed yarn- an empirical research for Bangladesh

Abstract: A new era for Bangladesh is yarn printing. As like as the normal printing process it has some similarity like localized dyeing or space... Read More

Satisfaction through a new sense of value

SHIMA SEIKI's SSR inherits the know-how and experience accumulated over the years as the leading manufacturer of computerized flat knitting machines. Productivity is increased... Read More

Retrofit packages for man-made fibres

In the recent years, the textile industry has witnessed a continuous increase in the use of man-made fibres. Clothing companies are embracing synthetic fibres... Read More

Worldwide fibre consumption and blend dyeing possibilities

Introduction From the end of the second world war in 1945 onwards, wool had already become a relatively insignificant fibre and eventually has effectively become... Read More

Shima Seiki & Pacific Associates Ltd. jointly introducing training to develop operator’s skill

As an established market for knitwear manufacturing, Bangladesh has seen a significant increase in knit production for export purposes in recent years. At the... Read More

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