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Figure 4: Embedded electronics in the fabric

The techniques behind ‘Project Jacquard’ of Google and Levi’s

Have you ever dreamt of a jacket that will let you navigate through the traffic and at the same time make you look attractive?... Read More
Figure 4: An example of shape-memory smart garment.

SMM creates more sensing, adapting and reacting capabilities of Smart Textile

Technical Textile is becoming a robustious field nowadays. Fibre, yarn, fabrics and other structures with functional and technical properties inlaid as a substitute material... Read More
Figure 1: This breathable workout suit prototype has ventilating flaps that open and close in response to an athlete’s body heat and sweat. The left photo was taken before exercise when ventilation flaps are flat; after exercise, the ventilation flaps have curve

MIT researchers develop bio moisture managing suits

Biological cells embedded suits that adapt to changes in moisture have been designed. Researchers at Cambridge, USA-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created breathable... Read More

Virginia Tech and Lowe’s have collaborated to develop a lift assisting wearable exosuit

The exosuit has been developed to assist employees to be comfortable and safe while lifting weights in stores. The prototype has been put to... Read More

Cotton shows promise as a superior oil absorbent

Recent release has summarized that ‘Raw and finer cotton in loose form comes out as best oil absorbent’. A collaborative research involving high school... Read More
Knitted bands having sensors to monitor health. Signals are transferred through RFID antennas.

Knitted bands made of smart threads could be life saving

Smart textile is a combination with textile and technology. Some of the smart textiles can monitor health and can measure movements. Technology that makes... Read More

Bioinspired athletic swim suits

The development of next generation swim suits gets inspiration from beavers. A team of researchers from Cambridge-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the... Read More

Bangladeshi scientists build less expensive & more powerful wearable cloud Jacket

Cloud computing is a buzzword these days in the age of internet of things. It means to use a computer system instead of having... Read More

Fabric harvests energy from sun and motion

Georgia Tech researchers report the development of micro-cable textile that harvests energy from sun and mechanical motion. The team led by Professor Zhong Lin... Read More

Smart clothing will change the way we dress

Textile Today has been covering innovations happening in the field of smart clothing. Microchips installed in yarn and fabric is going change the lifestyle... Read More
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