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Figure: OEKO-TEX® announces 2018 criteria updates for textile and leather certifications and labels.

OEKO-TEX® announces new regulations for 2018

In 2018, the OEKO-TEX® association endeavors to provide further targeted support on issues relating to consumer protection and sustainability throughout the textile value creation... Read More
Figure 1: Vietnam's Textile & Apparel is giving a great momentum at their economy and at the life of people.

Vietnamese textile and apparel industry moving towards US$50 billion by 2020

Introduction Vietnam textile and clothing industry has a long tradition and history. From hundreds of years ago, women of the country knew sericulture, weaving thread... Read More
Figure 3: Bangladesh cotton use: 2007/08 – 2017/18. Source: Emerging Textiles

Yarn prices increased 8 percent in last 4 weeks

Cotton yarn prices move suddenly and powerfully forward in international market in the previous weeks, more than 8 percent increase experienced in a 4-week... Read More
Figure 1: Investing in workers’ health is ensuring the quality of living for the workers and cost savings for employers through productivity gains.

Health care for RMG workers, the Vintage Denim model

The challenges Vintage Denim is concerned with the health of its workers. In the past, a worker would generally need to approach a senior... Read More
Figure 1: Most of the workers in the garment industry are women and what they earn is not enough for a standard of life.

What should be the new minimum wage for RMG workers and what will be...

The start of garment exports from Bangladesh was in the late 1970s, and after a long struggle, Bangladesh became the second largest garment exporter... Read More
Figure 7: The traditional transformation model of textile and apparel industry.

What needs for transformation of Bangladesh textile and apparel industry?

Bangladesh textile and RMG sector has a target of taking RMG export to 50 billion USD by 2021 set by Bangladesh Garments Manufacturing and... Read More
Figure 1: If the country has a vision, turning it to be an industrialized country is not impossible for Bangladesh.

The initial requirements of building semi heavy industries in Bangladesh

Introduction Bangladesh needs to think in a different way about textile industry as the industry is adapting huge advance and sophisticated technology to fulfill the... Read More
Figure 1: Itema and Pacific Associates Ltd team at Itema innovation roadshow recently held in Dhaka.

Itema could be an important patron for transformation of Bangladesh weaving industry

In the financial year 2016-17 Bangladesh has exported woven garment equivalent to 14.39 billion USD. But most of the fabric required for this export... Read More
Figure 1: Sawpan Kumar Ghosh, Executive Director and A.K.M.S. Asaduzzaman, Asst. General Manager (HR & Compliance) of S.M. Knitwears received the certificate from Mali Stelzer, CSR Global Director of NKD

S. M. Knitwears gets sustainability certification from NKD

S. M. Knitwears Ltd., a sister concern of S. M. Group which is a leading textile company in Bangladesh achieved a certificate for sustainability... Read More
Figure 8: Neat and clean sewing section of ECL.

Essential Clothing Ltd, an exemplary Bangladesh factory for value added garment production

Essential Clothing Ltd (ECL) is an iconic and 100 % export oriented medium size knit garments factory, which has been contributing to the country’s... Read More
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