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Figure 1: Workers are connected and getting benefits of tehnology.

Kutumbita – empowering non-desk workforce

The challenges Most of the workers in the Ready-Made Garments (RMG) sector of Bangladesh are non-desk employees. Thus, it is not always easy to... Read More
Figure 2: Ashfaque Ahmed, Director, Promoda Textiles Ltd. and Promoda Apparels Ltd., the author of this article is delivering his keynote in Bangladesh seminar in Intertextile Shanghai.

Innovations, opportunities and trends in ‘Apparel’, ‘Fabric’ and ‘Green’ factories in Bangladesh

This October 2017, there was a session allotted for speakers from Bangladesh to speak about “Trends and New Opportunities in Bangladesh” in the Intertextile Shanghai... Read More
Figure 1: Umar Faruk Chowdhury, Global Wool, Leather & Viscose Material Supply Chain Responsible, H&M, speaking in Textile Today seminar in Intertextile Shanghai.

H&M and Bangladesh, a journey with love, passion and future

As a part of Textile Today’s activities in brand and business promotion of Bangladesh textile and apparel industry, it has organized a seminar in... Read More
Figure: Factory of Akij Jute Mills Ltd., a concern of Akij Group

Akij Jute Mills looks to invest $20m in Malaysia

Akij Jute Mills Ltd, a concern of Akij Group, has applied to Bangladesh Bank for taking $20 million out of Bangladesh to purchase a... Read More
Figure 1: Inside of an Indian Spinning Industry- sorting out cotton fiber.

Indian cotton spinning mills running at 60-65 percent capacity utilization, GST hits export further...

India is one of the largest producers as well as exporters of cotton yarn. Recently Indian cotton yarn exports witnessed a great slowdown. In... Read More
Figure 2: Investment is needed in 'Knitting' not only in capacity building but also in reducing cost and increasing value on the products.

‘Knitting’ growing fast with great prospect still without business viability!

Bangladesh has one of the largest knitting capacities in the world Bangladesh has a historical reputation in production of textile products in addition to famous... Read More
Figure 1: The letter acknowledged the progress Bangladesh has made but still push for further engagement from international watchdogs.

BGMEA offers new platform ‘Shonman’ to replace Accord & Alliance, pressure from international bodies...

Europe based bodies continued to put pressure on Bangladesh to accept different foreign interventions to improve working condition and labor laws implementation condition. The... Read More
Figure: Myanmar to become one of the important garment manufacturers in the world.

Low cost production has drawn foreign buyer’s attention to Myanmar apparel industry

Textile and apparel industry of Myanmar began in ancient period, which have been playing a vital role in the country’s economy, especially its garment... Read More
Figure 2: Birds’ eye view of a Ethiopian economic zone.

Why Ethiopia is attractive for textile and garment investments

Ethiopian government wants to make it a centre point of investment for Asian countries, especially in textile and apparel sector. The country has a... Read More

Death benefits for RMG workers- the story of ACS Textiles Ltd.

The Challenges In Bangladesh, there is a lack of social safety nets such as pension schemes and health insurance, especially for workers in the... Read More

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