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Design and development of simple machine for pineapple leaf fiber extraction

Abstract The project outlines a new simple machine for extraction of pineapple leaf fiber (PALF) which is economically viable and remunerative for the pineapple cultivators... Read More

Woolenization of jute fibre

Abstract: Jute was the golden fibre of Bangladesh but its glory has been faded up over the time due to some strategic and technical drawbacks.... Read More

An overview of glass fibers

Abstract: Glass fibres are among the most versatile industrial materials known today. They are readily produced from raw material, which are available in virtually unlimited... Read More

An overview of polyurethane

Abstract: With increasing demand in highly sophisticated featured products, manufacturing of materials have gone complex with designs and implementation. Conventional materials have fallen below the... Read More

Investigation of physical, thermal and absorptive properties of cellulose and protein fibres: a novel...

Abstract In this study cotton, organic cotton, wool, bamboo and casein fibres were investigated to assess their physical properties, thermal analysis (DSC), absorbency and swelling... Read More

“Physical Characterization of Textile Fibres” by Dr. Ahmed Jalal Uddin

Textile fibres obtained from natural resources and synthetic polymers, after fulfilling the demands for traditional textiles, are emerging fast towards the applications of technical... Read More

Golden fibre; the agony continued

Introduction: All the regulatory authorities after the liberation of Bangladesh was well committed to take all sorts of steps to retain the glory of golden... Read More

The Mechanical Aspects of Reactive Processing (Compatibilization) of Compounding of Fiber Forming Polymer Blends

Abstract An increasing number of commercial polymer products (fibers) is derived from blending two or more polymers to achieve a favorable balance of physical properties.... Read More

Quantum Tunnelling Composite, a new facilitate sensing and switching technology in textile Keypad

Abstract The following paper shows a momentous presence of quantum tunnelling composite in textile keypad, by this research we have tried to present the properties... Read More

Global Impacts of Genetically Modified Cotton Cultivation in Textile Sector

The contribution of cotton is more than just a fibre for textiles Cotton fibres used in textiles around the world come from the seed hairs of a... Read More
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