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Cause and remedy of streaky mark fault in denim fabric

Streaky mark is a common and serious problem in denim fabric which is also known as ‘line mark’. Usually, buyers don’t accept the fabrics which have this kind of fault.

Denim streaky mark fault
Figure: Usually buyers don’t accept the denim fabrics which have streaky mark fault.

Cause of line mark/streaky mark

Streaky mark can occur due to dyeing, weaving, finishing problems etc. But I will discuss from practical experience how this fault originated from rope dyeing and the possible remedy.

  • Creel arrangement is a vital factor in the rope dyeing process. The creel arrangement has to be set exactly count by count or set by set.
  • Fabric wetting ability sometimes causes the line mark problem in denim fabric. So, it should always be checked the wetting ability in mercerize or pre-wetting bath, dye bath etc.
  • Dyeing parameter like gpL, Hydro, ORP, pH should be aligned with the program.
  • Machine roller pressure should be optimum with the parameters. Because pressure variation occurs the line mark fault in the denim fabric.
  • Every part of the machine should be cleaned regularly, because the dirt, grime etc. are clung with the machine parts which actually lead to the streaky or line mark problems.

If a rope dyeing house strictly follows the points then it is expected that they will be able to avoid this severe problem.

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