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CCI and COTTON USA™ mark ‘Cotton Day 2022’ to speed up positive cotton aspects

Cotton Council International (CCI) – the export promotion arm of the National Cotton Council of America and COTTON USA™ – the leading U.S. cotton fiber promoter and manufacturer of cotton products – celebrated the seventh edition of Cotton Day on 21 September at a hotel in Dhaka. The seminar highlighted the activities of Cotton USA and US Trust Protocol activities, as well as, the global cotton production, supply and its demand scenario.

Figure 1: CCI – the export promotion arm of the National Cotton Council of America and COTTON USA™ –celebrated the seventh edition of Cotton Day.

The seminar was graced by COTTON USA™ Licensees and US Trust Protocol Members and over 150 prominent leaders of the spinning and textile industry, executives, garment manufacturers, and international brands and retailers were present.

In the grand ‘Cotton Day 2022’ seminar, CCI global experts presented papers on several topics including Global Cotton Economic Outlook, USA Cotton Supply and Demand and US Logistics, as well as, case studies of established profits of Cotton USA, assisted by COTTON USA™ Solutions program.

In the introduction remarks, Ali Arsalan, Cotton Council International (CCI) Consultants and Representative in Bangladesh expressed his acknowledged to the COTTON USA™ Licensees and US Trust Protocol Members i.e. 81 member mills in Bangladesh, who participated in the Cotton Day 2022 seminar. He remind them that Cotton USA Solutions Team is available to visit factory free of charge, for any issues at their mills like from Bale Management to Processing.

William-R-Bettendorf-Cotton-Council-International-Cotton Day 2022
Figure 2: William R. Bettendorf, Regional Director, CCI.

William R. Bettendorf, Regional Director, Supply Chain Marketing, South & Southeast Asia, Cotton Council International (CCI) said, “US Trust Protocol has gained a global acceptance as the most sustainable, robust, detailed and traceable program. Be it NGO’s, the UN, and other leading cotton sustainable initiatives have regard US Trust Protocol as the most unique program. As a result, globally US Trust Protocol has 900 member mills.”

“We are thankful for the backing of the Bangladeshi spinners who have embraced the US Cotton Trust Protocol. As Ali Arsalan mentioned that here in Bangladesh, 81 mills member of the US Trust Protocol. Which is great. And I want to thank all the members. I will urge the members to publicly proclaim this membership to your advantage with the brands and retailers,” Bettendorf said.

Ali Arsalan-Cotton Council International-Cotton Day 2022
Figure 3: Ali Arsalan, CCI Consultants and Representative in Bangladesh.

“At the end of the day, by using Cotton USA® it increases spinning mills profitability improved productivity, and the latest techniques. We are your partners in aiding you to get higher profit. Our team of Cotton USA® SOLUTIONS™ Services experts has created five business-building key offerings, these are – 1:1 Mill Consults, Technical Seminars, COTTON USA Mill Mastery® Course, Mill Studies, Mill Exchange Program. COTTON USA™ SOLUTIONS™ Services experts provides unrivaled know-how informed by work with over 1,500 mills in 50 countries. Our programs are complimentary for U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol® members or COTTON USA™ licensees. Available in person or virtually. And will aid you shape your business like never before,” said Bettendorf.

“Most importantly, you can depend on us for innovations in sustainability and rigorous fair labor practices,” Bettendorf added.

“Against the growing global call of sustainable cotton – brands and retailers said that they will need 5 million bales of sustainable cotton by 2025. And the good news is that US cotton will be able to fulfil that demand. We recommend them to use US cotton as it is the most sustainable grown cotton available in the market. In addition, US buyers constantly focus on sustainability and will source more in the future. As U.S. cotton is fully sustainable, the call for U.S. cotton will grow more in the Bangladesh market,” Bettendorf concluded.

Joerg Bauersachs-CCI-Technical-Services-International-Cotton Day 2022
Figure 4: Joerg Bauersachs, Head of CCI Technical Services.

In his speech, Helen LaFave, US Deputy Chief of Mission said, “The $90 million grant for Climate Smart Cotton to the US Cotton Trust Protocol demonstrates the USA’s commitment to sustainable cotton production.”

Joerg Bauersachs, Head of CCI Technical Services said, “CCI Technical Services team – comprised of some global experts who visited more than 200 spinning mills from all over the world – is available to visit COTTON USA™ Licensees and US Trust Protocol Members factories for any issues at their mills – from Bale management, shade variations, dyeing issues to Processing, etc. These services are free of charge for the member mills.”

“We confidently proclaim ourselves are the leading technical cotton spinning consultancy in the world. Our technical consultancy team is consisted of the best spinning experts from around the globe – who have best in-depth knowledge in the spinning industry,” said Bauersachs.

“As Will. Bettendorf said – under the Cotton USA® SOLUTIONS™ Services – we offer five business-building key offerings for the millers; unlike any other cotton provider in the world. What we provide for our members in 1:1 Mill Consults is we determine innovative techniques that can cut operational costs by 10% to 25% with this top-notch consultancy program.

Joerg Bauersachs added, “In 1:1 Mill Consult – we bring one of our Mill Experts right to our customers spinning mill. Our experts will do a one-day, in-depth mill examination followed by a Field Service that can last one or two full weeks. The millers will receive preliminary findings, respectively identified areas of possible improvements after the one-day Technical Mill Survey, and solutions at the end of the Field Service.”

“Millers can also do our Mill Mastery® Course. Our in-depth Mill Mastery® course is designed to take millers spinning skills to the next level. It is managed by the COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ Technical Team, with a collective experience of over 200 years.”

“For spinners, the main areas of innovation are: fiber selection and Bale management – we always suggest millers to use software based solutions. Recommendations on Bale laydown practice – we advise spinners regarding various techniques for improvements. Settings of cleaning points and Yield Improvement. Yield Improvement is the most important aspect in relation to mills success.”

“As for waste management – Cotton USA® SOLUTIONS™ Services provide Yield and NRE% Optimization. Recommendations on Card Clothing Specification/maintenance. And fine-tuning on settings with focus on yarn quality.”

“Customers privacy is always our top priority. We never disclose that ‘mill X, Y or Z’ is this or that setting to get the best result. Rather without naming anyone we suggest the best possible setting for best result,” Bauersachs said.

“Most notably, in close collaboration with the technical teams of our customers, the Cotton USA® SOLUTIONS™ Team has achieved many success stories over the past years. Which resulted in: cost savings, productivity increase, and optimization of the yarn quality,” Bauersachs concluded.

Steve-Dyer-Louis Dreyfus-Cotton Day 2022
Figure 5: Steve Dyer from Louis Dreyfus addressed the Global Cotton Production, Supply & its Demand.

In the seminar, Steve Dyer, Global Head of Cotton Marketing at Louis Dreyfus addressed the global cotton production, supply and key global factors affecting demand. He shared the global scenario of cotton production, supply and possible demand in the upcoming fiscal years from his experience.

Dyer also highlighted the additional challenges in the cotton supply chain like driver shortage, seasonal challenges, vaccine-related concerns, delayed vessel services, and other issues persisting in the cotton industry.

“Despite all the global challenges and volatility of the market, people still are spending in the major markets like the USA, EU, and UK. Showing that in reality, the situation is not that bad.”

“We have really had a remarkable recovery in cotton consumption from the lows with US retail sales bounce back to the level of strong sales. So, the global cotton kind of jump-started 2022. And the cotton demand concerns really starting to come through. And I think the reason for this is that the consumers in the US are moving on with life. Although inflation is there, but the people haven’t really touched by it. And this is driving the US economy and ultimately the cotton demand.”

CCI started celebrating Cotton Day in 2016 to highlight the positive aspects of cotton as the favored fiber for consumers and the textile industry.

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