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Cheaper raw-material for textile chemical production is a slow poison to the environment

Cheaper raw-material for textile chemical production is a slow poison to the environment…  Alan Flack, Eurodye-CTC S.A.

Being established in 1978, EURODYE was producing textile auxiliaries. Several years later, it had the opportunity to enter into a partnership contract with the Crosfield (Unilever) giant and later on in 1995 the company has gone from a partnership to the purchase of the Crosfield (Unilever) textile activity and has established a new company in England : CTC. The enterprise has since developed an international marketing network to distribute its specialised chemical products (auxiliaries, dyeing agents, pigments, enzymes, “special effect” products) all over the world. The company has assets automation of production tools, creation of specialised laboratories, centralised management ERP, and ISO 9001/ B5750 standardisation and certification. Awards achieved by the company include one nomination for company of the year, the “Gazelle” award for exports, and the Walloon export company.

Mr. Alan Flack(right), Technical-Commercial Manager of Eurodye-CTC with his Bangladesh representative Harris & Menuk’s Director Mr. Aziz Asukeen(left)

Recently Mr. Alan Flack was visiting Bangladesh for customer support. BTT took the opportunity to discuss with him about the following issues.

BTT: Can you just describe CtC-EURODYE in best way.

Mr. Alan: Eurodye-CTC has the world wide network in all sectors of the textile industry. It is a customer lead company that develops products as per customer’s demands and needs. It is a mature business that has been doing for many years and has survived by providing customers with the right innovative products at the right price.

BTT: How do you see Bangladesh Textile Industry?

Mr. Alan: I think it is an international play ground where players to be expert & experienced , its well manage by the experienced Industrialists & professionals.

BTT:  Any comments about current economic scenario in the Europe.

Mr. Alan: No comments but nobody want to be naked!

BTT:  Your Customer satisfaction rating in Bangladesh market

Mr. Alan: Generally 95%. When concerned the unit price, some of our premium products are in higher side, really these products are problem solvers, higher in concentration & produced only in Europe.

BTT: Comments on recent compliance move on chemicals by the retailers.

Mr. Alan: Support it. It’s a must. Definitely it will control the cheaper raw-material sourcing which is a slow poison to the environment.

BTT: How soon you support your customers in compliance certification and confirmation requirement.

Mr. Alan: As you all well aware, Harris & Menuk has developed a very good Customer Relations Department other than their Sales/Marketing team. Executives from this department independently handle the customer’s requirement with the coordination with our Belgium team on the same day. Once they receive the necessary documents, they issue the certifications/confirmations by emails & arrange the originals within 3 working days. In the mean time whenever necessary this team works with their Application Research Laboratory (ARL) / other independent laboratory for local test reports.

BTT: Can you tell us about your monthly / annual training sessions that you organize.

Mr. Alan: Actually its HARRIS & MENUK’s regular programme, we just arrange the training materials for it. Hope you can contact them for further details. In the mean time please be informed that our next annual customer meet will be in year 2013, March at Brussels, Belgium. As you well aware we had our last session in Belgium followed with Paris study tour.

BTT: What is your plan for the year 2012, any new products planning for the market?

Mr. Alan: Definitely, there will be 3 new products within this year. We also have a new “Green” solvent based detergent and dispersing agent Croscolor MIRO for use in scouring and dyeing which meets Oeko-Tex standard 100. There is also our innovative Croscolor BC-SR for washing off Reactive dyestuffs at 60 deg C. This product eliminates the need to do more than one hot wash in the washing off process; all subsequent washings are done at ambient temperature and will require less washing than the conventional Polyacrylate types washing off.

BTT: What do you think about recent Fluo Pigments requirement by the retailers?

Mr. Alan: Requirement will increase by the end of the year as per our survey. We already successfully carried out trials in jets/soft flows with our formaldehyde range Fluo colors.

BTT:  To you, what are your key strengths?

Mr. Alan: HARRIS & MENUK  & Industries trust on us. Eurodye-CTC prides itself in maintaining close relationships with our country representatives and customers. We have two well equipped laboratories in Belgium and further facilities in other countries also. Once the need for a new product is identified or an innovative idea is initiated we begin to work on the project. Feedback from our customers either directly or via our excellent network of country representatives is sought at all times. When the product has been developed to our satisfaction in the laboratory it will be tested in a mill. This will be done under close supervision to make sure we get the performance we anticipated. If the product fails to meet our expectation it will be refined until the goal is achieved. This is a two way relationship with our customers and Representatives which we value and appreciate very much.

BTT: About Bangladesh Textile Today

Mr. Alan: Really contents are good & updated information. It’s a magazine for the Global Textile Industry.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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