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China apparel exports to US grew in October

As the economy of the United States is recovering from COVID-19, the volume of US apparel imports continued its ascending path in October, both on a monthly and Y-o-Y basis.

The recent figures from the Department of Commerce’s Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA) demonstrate that the volume of US apparel imports from all sources was up 2.4% month-on-month in October to 2.52bn million square meters (MM2). This compares to 2.46bn MM2 the month before and comes amid a year-on-year rise in shipment volume but a decline in value.


The October data shows a 5.17% rise in volume against the same month last year and a 6.9% drop in value to $6.93 billion.

In terms of single supplier countries, six of the top-ten countries exports to the US surge on a year-on-year basis, Bangladesh, the 3rd-largest supplier of clothing to the US, recorded the 2nd-highest gain at 17.23% to 196m MM2.

Simultaneously, the biggest exports coming from Pakistan at 27.38% to 68 million MM2. China, by far the biggest supplier of textiles and apparel to the US, booked the 4th-largest Y-o-Y increase in shipment volumes at 11.16% to 1.03bn MM2.

The upsurge marks China’s 1st monthly year-on-year increase since August of last year. However, volumes were down from 1.04bn MM2 last month. The second-largest supplier, Vietnam, saw shipments edge up by 0.41% year-on-year to 359m MM2. This compares to a 4.8% increase last month to 362m MM2.

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