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Chromotex Auxi-Chem joins hand with Textile Today to stir innovation in BD textile and apparel industry

As part of Textile Today Associates, Chromotex Auxi-Chem joined the journey of ‘Innovation Hub’ on 22 November, at the Chromotex Auxi-Chem premises in Dhaka.

In the signing program Engr. Md. Monjur Alam, Managing Director, Chromotex Auxi -Chem and Tareq Amin, CEO, Textile Today signed on behalf of the respective companies.

Chromotex-joins hands-with-Textile Today
Figure 1: Textile Today Associates, Chromotex Auxi-Chem joined the journey of ‘Innovation Hub’.

Prof. Dr. Ayub Nabi Khan, Executive Director, Textile Today; Engr. Md. Ashik Abdulla, Director Technical, Chromotex Auxi- Chem; Amzad Hossain Monir, Manager, Business Development; Sanjoy Kumar Saha, Manager, Industry Engagement & Sub Editor, Textile Today were also present there.

Appreciating Textile Today’s initiative towards innovation Engr. Md. Monjur Alam, a veteran textile leader, said that as a ‘Textile Today Associates’ Chromotex Auxi-Chem, an innovation-driven company would provide all the necessary support to the ‘Innovation Hub’ to succeed in the up-gradation of the textile and apparel industry.

The public awareness and the growing perception of social cognizance about the environment have forced the textile industry to produce eco-friendly products. For this reason, nowadays many companies and organizations focus on eco-friendly ways of production. Chromotex Auxi-Chem is one of them who is providing a sustainable chemical solution in the field of manufacturing and offering textile chemicals from sizing, pre-treatment, dyeing, printing to finishing of cotton and polyester.

A strong network of raw material suppliers and R&D team backs Chromotex Auxi-Chem that helps the company to introduce new products considering customer demands.

Figure 2: As a ‘Textile Today Associates’ Chromotex Auxi-Chem, an innovation-driven company would provide all the necessary support to the ‘Innovation Hub.’

The main environmental impact in the textile industry is manifested by the discharge of high amounts of chemical loads into the receiving environment. Chromotex Auxi-Chem’s solutions speed up dyeing shortening the processing time, also it saves energy, which reduces high amounts of chemical loads into the environment. Their solutions also save cost and increase production significantly that help a customer to win in the market.

Below special functional products are manufactured by KFC (Korea Fine chemical).  And Chromotex Auxi-chem is the exclusive channel partner in Bangladesh.

Chromotex Auxi-Chem’s functional chemicals are HYBRAN BRS, HYBRAN FC 226, DEMINOL FDS, SOFRANC-SAP, BIORAN STZ 2025, SM 180 AMB, etc.

Some other solutions include:

  • TABAMOL RFC and HYBRIWET AS, one-bath Dyeing for Rayon spandex & yarn dyeing
  • SUPERWASH K300 – Quick clean Reactive soaping innovation
  • HYBRAN CPX – One bath dyeing polyester spandex knitted fabric
  • HYPERTEX D51 & HYBRAN SOPI – T/C, T/R One bath dyeing short process
  • HYBRAN PSI – Sulphur, indigo dyeing short washing process
  • HYBRAN LTSR – Low temperature soaping Reactive dyeing

Textile Today is acting as a functional and effective ‘Innovation Hub’. As an Innovation Hub, it helps, facilitate, innovate and grows factories, suppliers, professionals, learners, etc. in a systematic approach.

Through partnering with Chromotex Auxi-Chem, Textile Today’s ‘Innovation Hub’ will expand to a larger scale. Textile Today’s ‘Innovation Hub’ has been working on various industrial projects with innovative solutions that help the textile and garment industries become more sustainable as well as profitable.

Being a part of this ‘Innovation Hub’ Textile Today Associates will not only support the platform to function effectively but also the Associates will be able to utilize the knowledge, communication and networking leverage of the platform to position them in the markets as an innovation-driven business.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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