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organIQ EMS jeans – The benchmark for sustainable jeans finishing

With the organIQ BLEACH system the CHT Group was the first textile chemical supplier, who offered an ecological alternative to potassium permanganate as a bleaching treatment for Denim. Today, CHT’s organIQ products reach beyond the limits of the standards and are state of the art in ecological jeans production worldwide.

In recent years, CHT has continued to research and further develop the organIQ system step by step. The mission was to find enhancements to the organIQ range that further optimise the system from an ecological point of view and at the same time provide even more variable and broader application possibilities.

Figure: With the organIQ BLEACH system the CHT Group was the first textile chemical supplier, who offered an ecological alternative to potassium permanganate as a bleaching treatment for Denim. Courtesy: Jacob Rank, unsplash.com

With organIQ EMS Jeans we have created a variable solution offering that provides almost infinite possibilities for state-of-the-art jeans finishing. With this now launched next-generation, CHT’s organIQ family becomes a real modular system. We call it organIQ EMS Jeans, which means Ecological Modular System for Jeans treatment.

Of course, “Ecology” is the crucial attribute and the essential commonality of all components. All products of the organIQ family were developed on the highest ecological level. The different bleaching agents are purely organic and completely biodegradable.

Jeans finishing in a nutshell

  • A common Jeans treatment involves the use of Potassium Permanganate, Chlorine and Pumice Stones.
  • Permanganate has a highly toxic impact on wastewater and is classified as CMR substance.
  • Chlorine gives high pollution to the wastewater.
  • Both substances require separate neutralization steps for which additional, critical chemicals are needed in most of the cases.
  • Pumice Stones are no unlimited resource and are creating huge amounts of slush in the wastewater.

organIQ EMS Jeans by CHT allows for the realization of almost every denim finish without all these questionable substances or resources.

“From our point of view, it should be a general and common aim of all market players, to replace critical and harmful chemicals in the whole denim industry. The CHT Group can and will play a leading role in this ecological advancement. The next generation of organIQ is a big step in the right direction towards sustainable Jeans production”, says Thomas Aplas, Head of Application Field Garment at the CHT Group.

Different environmental benefits

The new EMS Jeans family supports most modern denim finishing processes. By using selected organIQ products together with water-saving nebulization technologies, extremely low water consumption can be achieved.

Due to this technology, all relevant treatments can be realized at room temperature which is a great energy-saving opportunity. Moreover, the pollution of wastewater with toxic substances can be drastically reduced in comparison to common, previously applied denim treatments.

What does “Modular System” stand for?

organIQ EMS Jeans is based on several modules and every module corresponds to a treatment step. These steps can be mixed and matched in various ways and flexible orders to achieve a great deal of looks and effects. This variety of combinations leads to almost unlimited possibilities to achieve any desired finish. Of course, realized on the highest ecological level.

organIQ EMS System demonstrates perfectly, that there is never a standstill of development within CHT’s Smart Chemistry with Character approach. The offer will continue to grow, and by working out new ideas in the future it will become even more extensive and useful.

Discover more on www.cht.com/organiq

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