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CHT visions to be globally leading reference for sustainable chemical solutions

With 65 years of legacy, CHT Germany has developed into a worldwide company focusing on special chemicals used as function generators, auxiliary materials and additives for industrial processes. By integrating the robust points of the entire group continuously strive to develop innovative products, applications and processes. Highly qualified professionals work at state-of-the-art laboratories in development, analysis and application technology to develop new ideas and solutions to meet the most modern requirements.

Figure: Benoit Moutault, Group Vice President Business Field Textile (Auxiliaries and Dyestuffs).

Benoit Moutault is the Group Vice President of Business Field Textile (Auxiliaries and Dyestuffs) in CHT Germany GmbH. He has been working at CHT since 2014. Moutault reports to Dr. Frank Naumann, CEO of the supplier of speciality chemistry CHT Germany GmbH. Moutault has versatile experience in numerous leadership positions within the global market of textile chemicals.

Recently Benoit Moutault in a discussion with Textile Today shared CHT’s sustainability goals and other various global aspects of the group. Here is the significant snippet of the discussion for the readers.

Textile Today: Could you please share with us the current business status of CHT Group globally?

Benoit Moutault: CHT is an international Group offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of Textile finishing processes in the market. Our product range covers from auxiliaries to Dyestuffs including Technical functional finishes. Our international presence made the difference between our Group and the competition, and most particularly in Bangladesh.

Our Global network and our Great local Agent RH Corporation have facilitated our support to our customers during the Pandemic. We could stay present and help our partners and customers in these troubled times. Still today, some Raw-Materials demand exceeds production and transportation costs affect deliveries and prices. This situation might not ease before Q2/2022.

Textile Today: How has CHT Group defined its Sustainability Goals? Can you please share some significant achievements that can inspire the industry and its associates?  

Benoit Moutault: CHT’s vision is to be the preferred partner and leading reference for sustainable chemical solutions worldwide. We can only achieve this if we put our expectations higher than the market standard.

The CHT Group has used the UN sustainability goals as a framework for its 2025 Strategy, and our newly promoted Chief Sustainable Officer, Dr. Annegret Vester will develop them within the CHT organization. Our investment in R&D gives the priority to the new sustainable products which will be the reference in the market for the future. CHT is the best partner to answer together with the future sustainable challenges of the Textile industry.

Textile Today: Could you please update on your C2C initiative (Cradle to Cradle products innovation institute) and your successful first “Compostable Textile Printing System” called Ecoprint by CHT? How can the manufacturers benefit from this great initiative?

Benoit Moutault: CHT is an expert in textile finishing since 1953. We offer today the largest range of auxiliaries and textile finishing products (pre-treatment, dyeing, finishing, printing, dyes and pigments) with the Platinum Material Health Certificate. We collaborate closely with the “Cradle to Cradle products innovation institute” to increase our sustainable offers to our customers.

CHT and RH Corporation´s textile engineers are experts to support all the Printers and Dyers in Bangladesh. Our very successful Compostable Textile Printing System  ‘Ecoprint by CHT’ provides the best in class sustainable prints.

Textile Today: Does the CHT Group have any investment plans in Bangladesh?

Benoit Moutault: Our strategy is to develop our support to our estimated customers in Bangladesh as well as in the rest of the world. In this regard, we are looking into further strengthening our ties in the region in the near future. We want to be closer to the market and considerably reduce our lead time.

Our aim is to deliver Textile Auxiliaries with our German standard to our customers in Bangladesh under the highest standard of quality. Our expert and local agent: RH Corporation continues to deliver our products made in Germany to support the industry producing textiles in Bangladesh with the highest standard from European and US Brands. Stay tuned! [for exciting news coming soon]

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