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CHTC FONG’S to display smart dyeing and finishing solutions at DTG 2019

FONG’S, THEN, GOLLER, MONFORTS FONG’S, MONFORTS, XORELLA, and FWT are the leading brands under CHTC FONG’S International Co., Ltd, and also the renowned labels in the global textile industry. FONG’S, THEN and GOLLER will showcase their latest innovation at DTG 2019 in Hall 8, booth 213, International Convention City Bashundhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh from Jan 9th to Jan 12th.

CHTC FONG'S to display smart dyeing and finishing solutions at DTG 2019

Fong’s National Engineering Co., Ltd. (FNECL) is the flagship enterprise of CHTC Fong’s Group which specializes in the production and sale of dyeing and finishing machinery under its own brand name “FONG’S”. It has become a leading dyeing and finishing equipment supplier in the world and provides a comprehensive range of high quality and advanced dyeing and finishing machinery and excellent after-sales technical services to the customers worldwide. Fong’s quality products bear witness to the Group’s solid technological and engineering foundation and to its motto ‘A Name You Can Trust For Your Dyehouse Needs”.

In August 2004, the Group took over the business of THEN Maschinen-und Apparatebau GmbH, a German company specialized in dying machinery. Through a newly established company, namely THEN Maschinen GmbH”, the Group continues the business of such former German company for the research and development, manufacture and sale of “THEN-AIRFLOW®” branded piece and beam dyeing machinery and automation system for the global textile market. The patented aerodynamic “THEN-AIRFLOW®” dyeing system differs fundamentally from the conventional jet and overflow dyeing machine based on the hydraulic principle, of significant economic and ecological importance. Through this strategic acquisition, the Group is able to further advance its strategy of providing the textile industry with a greater variety of technology and machinery for its customers worldwide. And with effect from 18 June, 2010, THEN Mashinen GmbH was renamed as FONG’S EUROPE GMBH.

GOLLER was founded by Fritz Goller in Schwarzenbach, Germany in 1899. Since 1948, GOLLER has been designing, researching and developing, manufacturing and supplying wet finishing ranges to the global market and GOLLER is one of the major suppliers in the wet finishing sector. In 2006, GOLLER has become one of the members of CHTC Fong’s and its production capability and market share have been kept increasing since then. Goller offers a wide range of meticulously-designed and highly effective and efficient wet finishing range for woven fabrics and knitted fabrics processing that covers everything from desizing/ spun oil washing to the final stage of washing.

FONG’S TECWIN High-Temperature Dyeing Machine


FONG’S TECWIN is designed to adopt the ever-changing textile market nowadays. The reliability and versatility is further improved from the last generation.

TECWIN is equipped with several patented designs:

Combined Air & Front Spray Nozzle

Front spray nozzle improves the degree of dye liquor interchange before the fabrics entering the main nozzle. The color balance and quality of fabric can then be enhanced. If the optional blower is equipped, the blower will provide high-pressure aerodynamic flow in the spray nozzle, in order to effectively increase the degree of dye liquor interchange. It is specifically designed for dyeing fabrics that demand high-quality.
Automatic Adjustable Nozzle

Adjustment of nozzle setting is automatically done by means of the motor drive system, and hence manual adjustment of the nozzle is not required.

Liquid Dispersion Storage Chamber

Special designed stainless steel bottom sieve facilitates the liquid dispersion process giving the best results ever.

Upper and Lower Overflow

Innovative use of upper and lower overflow rinsing systems can deal with various kinds of fabrics. Lower Overflow Rinsing is to maintain a pumping operation with low water level and to improve dye liquor separation. Upper Overflow Rinsing is adopted for conventional overflow rinsing function.

Furthermore, the Dye Liquor Separation Design allows body size fabrics to stack in a much-organized way which maximizing the loading capacity, providing smoother operation and lowering the liquor ratio. Equipped with the adjustable loading chamber with optimized chamber design to resolve the separation difficulties occurred when running double rope fabrics.

THEN AIRFLOW AIRJETWIN Aerodynamic High-Temperature Dyeing Machine


AIRJETWIN high-temperature airflow dyeing machine, the latest generation of dyeing equipment, is now being offered to fulfill the various requirements of the dyeing process nowadays. Through finite element analysis (FEA), the airflow and water flow situation is well-analyzed for design optimization. In addition, by combining different THEN’S and FONG’S product advantages, the entire performance is further enhanced through a holistic design integration.

Single-Blower for Multi-Tube Design

By utilizing single blower with frequency inverter and optimizing pipe network design, the air volumetric flow rate of each tube is evenly distributed.

Integrating Nozzle System

By adjusting various combinations of multiple spraying nozzle and sprayers, the best dyeing performance of a huge variety of fabrics can be achieved.

XY Internal Plaiter

The fabric is plaited to and fro inside the dyeing vessel to achieve an organized fabric stacking pattern inside the storage chamber. It enables smooth fabric lifting, higher fabric lifting speed and reduction of fabric entanglement in the chamber.

Overhead Cleaning System

Effective cleaning is provided through purging to rinse the kier head, thus ensuring no residue color is left.

The 2018 New GOLLER DYEPADDER ECONOMICA Nip-in-Trough with Double Impregnation Mechanism


The 2018 New GOLLER DYEPADDER ECONOMICA Nip-in-Trough with Double Impregnation Mechanism provides even dyeing for knitted fabric without crease mark and distortion incurred. The newly-designed double impregnation mechanism provides a further improvement on the impregnation effectiveness in a combination of a lower running tension. As the ECONOMICA guarantees reproducibility and handling in the highest standard, a smooth and clear fabric surface can be expected after dyeing.

The deflection-controlled rollers of ECONOMICA are working according to the principle of the swimming rollers, irrespective of the overall pressure of the padder- the deflection of the squeezing rollers is always consistent with the set values to ensure an even dyeing over the fabric width. On top of the deflection-controlled rollers, the large diameter guide rollers ensure a smooth knitted fabric transport with minimal tension incurred, which is beneficial to the dyeing process as a whole. The double impregnation mechanism consists of a trough with a padder inside and with the minimum level of working liquor required. This mechanism provides sufficient impregnation and low-tension running condition for knitted fabric during the dyeing process. Furthermore, Thermplates keep the temperature of the dyebath as per the set value throughout the dyeing process – no matter it’s cool or hot.

With the precise dosing of dyestuff-alkali mixed, the application of precise and homogeneous pick-up and the linear nip of the deflection-controlled rollers, the GOLLER DYEPADDER ECONOMICA Nip-in-Trough with Double Impregnation Mechanism will always be the most ideal open-width dyeing range for knitted fabrics dyeing in small to medium batches used.

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