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College of Textile Technology to be the first Textile University of the Country

In the current session of the National Parliament the government has tabled the “Bangladesh Textile University bill 2010” for upgrading the College of Textile Technology in Tajgaon in Dhaka to a full-fledged university on 18th July 2010. Education minister Nurul Islam Nahid has presented the bill in the house. As per the bill, the proposed university will offer graduate, post-graduate, diploma and certificate courses for the students, which will substantially increase the number of textile technicians every year.

The present College of Textile Technology will turn into a university after passage of the bill and subsequent publication of the gazette. The bill was sent to the parliamentary standing committee on education ministry for further scrutiny before referring the draft law back to parliament before its passage. The committee was granted two weeks to submit its recommendations on the bill. Textile University was being demanded for years by the largest manufacturing sector of the country which is contributing almost 80 percent of our total export earnings. College of Textile Technology is the premium institute which has been producing textile graduates for almost 32 years. Upgrading it into a full pledged university will open a new era of research in this arena. Sources told that the college is going to offer Master of Science program in Textile Engineering from next January.

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