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Colour Chemistry is special for one stop & cost effective chemicals solutions

Colour Chemistry has been serving the Bangladesh textile industry with quality products since 2016. The company started its endeavour with denim washing products only. Now it is offering a full range of knit and woven dyeing pretreatment and finishing chemical solutions. They are also providing CPB chemicals, garment & fabric printing solutions, special finishing chemicals, pigment and fluorescent dyes to the industry.

Colour Chemistry is special for One Stop & Cost Effective Chemicals Solutions
Figure: Md. Salahuddin Sarker, Managing Director, Colour Chemistry.

Colour Chemistry has strong suppliers from Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand and China to give the industry one-stop solutions, mostly are GOTS and Zero Discharge of Hazardas Chemicals (ZDHC) certified.

Md. Salahuddin Sarker, Managing Director, Colour Chemistry said, “Color Chemistry is providing the full range of chemicals for knit dyeing, denim washing, printing, and CPB dyeing. Also, we are unique in some special chemicals which is highly concentrated, time efficient, cost effective & sustainable that are not available in the market only few company offering this type of products”

“Our products are sustainable and cost-effective. As we provide the highly concentrated type of products – whenever the factories use the product, they find it cost-effective.”

Usually, factories struggle for good supply and technical support. Colour Chemistry always ensure product quality and maintains lead time to reduce the factory’s burden, Md. Salahuddin shared.

The unique service Colour Chemistry is providing technical support to factories if it is their direct customer or not. They are just one phone call away.

Colour Chemistry products range:

  1. Pigment dyes general and fluorescent series
  2. Printing chemicals
  3. Knit & woven dyeing chemicals for pretreatment, enzyme wash and finishing
  4. CPB dyeing chemicals
  5. Denim washing chemicals
  6. Special chemicals

They also provide customized services to the factories. If any factory wants to develop any new types of finish, wants to add value in fabrics, Colour Chemistry support team will bring these products to the doorstep of the customers.

“Innovation and R&D are at the heart of Colour Chemistry. We understand that business is continuously changing. Colour Chemistry is constantly doing research and developing next generation products to support its customers following customers’ demands and requirements,” Md. Salahuddin concluded.

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