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Competency gaps of Bangladeshi professionals need to resolve for up-gradation in apparel value chain

Global apparel value chain, its opportunities, and challenges were discussed at a seminar titled ‘Opportunities and Challenges for Up-gradation in Global Apparel Value Chain’ on 8th April at BGMEA University of Fashion Technology (BUFT). It was organized by Centre for Export & Product development (CEPD) of BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology where Prof. Dr. Eng. Ayub Nabi Khan, Pro-vice Chancellor of BUFT, was present as chief guest and Tareq Amin, Editor and Publisher, Bangladesh Textile Today, was the keynote speaker.

Tareq Amin, Editor, and Publisher, Bangladesh Textile Today delivered his speech.
Figure 1: Tareq Amin, Editor, and Publisher, Bangladesh Textile Today delivered his speech.

The keynote speaker discussed the global apparel value chain and stressed on the importance of keeping the aspects which creates value to final consumers. Tareq Amin, Founder & CEO of Bangladesh Textile Today emphasized on the importance of being visionary and keeping steadfast on the path of achieving the vision. When the seminar started with the dream of taking Bangladesh to the global leadership positions, Tareq Amin urged the youth to come forward and take the challenge. He told the audience that you should not be a ‘Copy Cat’, you can never achieve what others have achieved, and you have to achieve your own goal. He mentioned that your goal has to be big enough as if it challenges you through the whole of your life and it has to be achievable as well.

Prof. Dr. Ayub Nabi Khan inspired all participating students through his speech. “Think something different, come out from the box and execute your thinking to represent Bangladesh to the world,” said Prof. Khan to the students. He also said, “We are the 2nd largest garments exporting country just after China. Bangladesh market share of garments in the world is 6.5% where China’s market share is 35%.”  “We are producing some very common garments items for a long time. But it is high time to diversify our garments product producing more valuable products like swimwear, bulletproof garment as well as all technical cloth, for example, agro product, space suit and so on,” he added.

Students of BUFT attended the seminar in its permanent campus-Textile Today
Figure 2: Students of BUFT attended the seminar in its permanent campus.

Expressing hope he said that if young leaders give concentration to this fact, one day we will achieve the 1st position in the world in garment export. After advising his students to do research on technical textile’s products, he thanked the Textile Today and its Founder Tareq Amin for its outstanding contribution to promoting textile and apparel sector in the national and international arena.

A.S.M Tareq Amin started his keynote presentation by raising a question to the audiences about value chain of apparel. “Value chain means to value creation behind an apparel,” replied Md. Mehedi, a student of Textile Engineering. Another student Motakabbir Rahman Mine replied, “we are producing around 7-8 items of garments, which has a very low price that means low value. If we work with some more valuable apparel like space suite, swimwear, sportswear we can increase the value of apparel. We need to do research on technical textile thus we can develop more valuable apparel.”

Tareq Amin discussed ‘Core Competencies’, ‘Consumer Behavior’, ‘Process Upgrading’, ‘Product Upgrading’, ‘Integrated Thinking’, ‘Value Chain’ and so on. He mentioned a survey, which showed 10 competency gaps of Bangladeshi professionals including communication skills, presentation skill, strategic thinking and market forecast etc.

In the end, he showed a short video about awareness for working, which had a moral message “Never give up and think something exceptional and implement it.

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