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Compliance BD LTD. joins hands with Textile Today for steering innovation in the T&A industry

Compliance BD Limited joined the journey of ‘Textile Today Innovation Hub’ on the first day year 2022 as an innovation associate on the premises of Dhaka. In the signing program KH. Mostak Ahmmed Director of Compliance BD Limited, MD Al-Amin CEO of Compliance BD Limited, and Tareq Amin, Founder & CEO, Textile Today signed on behalf of the respective companies.

Figure 1: MD Al-Amin, CEO of Compliance BD Ltd. and Tareq Amin, Founder & CEO, Textile Today signed on behalf of the respective companies.

Compliance BD Limited (CBD) is a leading and fast-growing company with over 10 years of experience working with Fire Safety Solutions, HVAC Solutions, MEP Project, Solar, and Renewable Energy Solutions. Compliance BD has successfully completed several fire safety and MEP projects in RMG, textile, pharmaceutical, spinning, printing, and power industries. However, safety is the least concern for Bangladesh’s industry.

Tareq Amin said, “Bangladesh’s textile and RMG industries have minimal concerns for safety and compliance, which has led to many incidents like Rana Plaza, Tazreen Fashion, etc”.  The garment industry in Bangladesh has been on fire since 1990; More than 500 people died. But the tragedy that befell Tazreen Garments on November 24, 2012 at Nishchintopur in Savar was the worst in Bangladesh. At least 112 workers were killed and more than 100 were injured. Then the death of 1,100 people in the Rana Plaza incident shook the whole world.

Figure 2: MD Al-Amin, CEO of Compliance BD Ltd.

Bangladesh’s textile and RMG industries have been raising more concerns about safety and compliance since the incident. The incidence of fires has been declining since 2017, but suddenly in 2020, they saw a spike in fire safety non-compliant clothing units.

Fire service data shows that in 2020, the number of fires in ready-made garment (RMG) factories reached a five-year high. In 2021, the number of deaths due to workplace accidents was 853 and 236 were seriously injured.


According to the fire service, 5,734 industrial fires have occurred in the last five years, causing a financial loss of Tk 250 crore. Many industries destroyed by the fire could not reopen. The highest number of fire incidents in the industry is in the Dhaka division and Chittagong is in second place. Sylhet has the lowest number of industrial fire incidents. Most of the recent industrial fires have taken place in those non-compliant factories.

Figure 3: Number of Industrial fire incidents in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defense have stopped licensing manufacturing units that still have compliance issues such as emergency exits and inadequate firefighting systems.

Compliance BD is deserving of praise for their excellent administration and execution of fire safety and security initiatives across the country. Their integration of fire detection and alarm system with the fire hydrant equipment provides a comprehensive solution to the cautionary industries.

Compliance BD has technical solutions for fire safety as follows-


According to the fire service, 39% of the fires were caused by a faulty power supply. Compliance BD’s clean agent suppression system is typically used for electrical control panels that can solve 39% of industrial fires. Foam protection system can reduce fire spreading in a short time.

One industry can be more protected by installing sprinkler system to reduce the risk factor. Compliance BD is ready to offer more innovative solutions for the industry. With a good track record, Compliance BD has taken a vision of providing technology solutions by their own thinking with a team of 70+ members including NFPA Certified professionals.

They have a well-maintained website (www.compliancebd.com) which provides a complete idea of their working procedure and products. Compliance BD is ISO 9001-2015 certified and also enlisted at the Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments (DIFE) for fire and electrical safety. Whether, the RMG and textile industry are looking for advice, counseling, training, risk assessment, equipment, or a complete installation or services takeover Compliance BD is the one-stop engineering solution for this industry.

MD Al-Amin said, “The government and stakeholders are now aware of fire safety and Compliance BD has helped more than 200 clients achieve fire safety compliance”. Further, Compliance BD shares its knowledge in system design and process. Also, being a part of Textile Today Associates, ‘Textile Today Innovation Hub’ will not only support the platform to operate effectively but will enable the associates to position themselves in the market using the platform’s knowledge, communication, and networking leverage.

Textile Today is working as an effective and efficient ‘innovation hub’. As an innovation hub, it helps, facilitates, innovates, and enhances factories, suppliers, professionals, students, etc. in a systematic way. By partnering with Compliance BD, Textile Today will expand its ‘innovation hub’ to a much larger scale. Textiles are working on a variety of industry projects, including today’s ‘Innovation Hub’ innovative solutions that help make the textile and garment industry more sustainable and profitable.

KH. Mostak Ahmmed said, “Textile Today has been working on the branding of Bangladesh’s industry for a long time and we hope that the journey with Textile Today will be progressive”.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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