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Considerations for developing 3R plan for DoE

Department of Environment of Government of Bangladesh has made it mandatory to factories to submit a 3R plan with the application for renewal of their environment clearance. Every factory now needs to submit it every year with their environment certificate renewal request. 3R means nothing but Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This is the plan from the factories where the factory will declare themselves how they will move towards Zero Liquid Discharge.

kbtc-001However DoE till now has no regulation or standard related to 3R or ZLD. They also don’t have a guideline on this. 3R plan is asked by DoE to encourage the factories to make their own plan as if factories prepare themselves before DoE comes up with a standard in future. For the time being a factory may think that as this is not a requirement we can submit anything we wish. But they must understand that this plan is an indirect but official commitment from the factories towards the government.

Any commitment in the plan means in the following year renewal application DoE would ask progress on them or DoE would like to see factories achievement on that commitment. Hence it is very important that factories give right approach in preparing their 3R plan.

‘Knowledge Based Textile Community’ is asking feedback and suggestions on this. And however mentions below points which a factory needs to consider primarily before making a 3R plan.

  1. Review your environment related aspects before you plan for 3R. Get your baseline data; find out your strength and weak points.
  2. Review your operation related aspects which have impact on environmental issues.
  3. Prepare your company future plans prior to the 3R plan. Expansion, contraction or new product and process development plans you are taking, you must have clear idea on those before making 3R plan.
  4. Review available technologies for 3R opportunities.
  5. Review your operational and management positioning and study which level of management support your new 3R interventions will require.
  6. Study available 3R interventions, make financial and management level feasibility before you put in paper.
  7. Study your peers, follow local and international benchmarks.

3r-SUSTAINABILITYAn unplanned or less careful 3R plan may put you in danger in future. On the other hand this would be a nice opportunity to prepare your Environment Management System in the factory. Following these 3R plans, DoE certainly will come up in future with guidelines or regulations related to 3R and ZLD. So holistic approach towards 3R plan will help you prepare for those days. However 3R plan or any other requirements and regulations from government and other counter parts should be handled carefully and holistically as if factories don’t fall in trouble in future.

Integration of EMS and other related systems in one system called ‘Sustainability Management System’ would help the factories to be better managed. Because SMS’s key approach is 3R. It is 3R only that helps you gain profitability and also make you more sustainable in regards to environment and social responsibility. ‘Knowledge Based Textile Community’ is promoting this ‘Sustainability Management System’ in the sector.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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