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Consistent quality drives N.R. Group to use Pailung knitting machine

N.R. Group of Companies has been in the business of knit-garments sector for almost four decades. Initially catering to the domestic market, it entered into the global market in the mid-eighties. With a modest beginning, the Group succeeded in expanding through the export of quality knitwear and sweater products to the global markets, especially in Europe.

N.R. Group Pailung knitting machine
Figure 1: N.R. Group has 687 circular and 72 flat knitting machine from Pailung.

N.R Group has a vertical set up for quality garments production and is a one-stop service center for any brand or buyer. They have spinning to garment production with sweater, ribbon and narrow fabric, embroidery, printing and packaging facility.

As N.R. Group is knitting focused, means the machine is a very sophisticated issue here. With 150-ton knitting capacity per day, N.R. Group is one of the biggest knit fabric producers in Bangladesh.

Currently, N.R. has 687 circular and 72 flat knitting machine surprisingly all are from Pailung brand. They have 16” – 48” diameter circular knitting machines.

Why N.R Group installed all Pailung machine, answering this question Md. Humayun Kabir, DGM (knitting) said from 1998 we are using Pailung knitting machine for their consistent quality.

After European brands, Pailung is doing really good as an Asian brand, Humayun Kabir said. He also pointed out some feedbacks as a regular user of Pailung machine.

  • Cost effective than other brands
  • The consistent quality of fabric can be achieved
  • The longevity of Pailung machine is very much satisfactory
  • Rib and interlock machines are very much production friendly
  • Fleece machine should be more updated and handy
  • Pailung machines have stitch length limitation, if it is adjustable then it could be more helpful for factories
  • Spare parts are available locally which is very good
  • Maintenance cost is minimum
  • No doubt about Pailung’s after sales service
Md. Humayun Kabir, DGM (knitting), N.R. Group
Figure 2: (L-R 3rd) Md. Humayun Kabir, DGM (knitting), N.R. Group.

Pailung is an innovative machine manufacturer, they just don’t produce machine but give solutions to their customers. They have a very strong R&D team which made them unique from others.

I have many inputs in Pailung’s developments and they are very responsive about customer feedback saying, Humayun Kabir.

Usually, a knitting machine give proper production for 10-12 years, but we have some 20 years old Pailung knitting machine giving relentless quality production, Humayun Kabir added.

N.R Group production facilities at a glance
Spinning 150 tons/day
Knitting 150 tons/day capacity
Dyeing 65 tons/day
AOP 25 tons/day
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