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COVID-19 safety measures of Cute Dress

Cute Dress Industry Ltd is a sustainable knitwear manufacturing unit in Bangladesh that has been taking extensive safety measures to ensure workers’ health and safety in this COVID-19 pandemic.

Figure: extensive safety measures of Cute Dress Industry Ltd.

The measures include social distancing while entering the security post of the factory premises, hand washing and sanitizing before entering the premises, thermal check and health center precautions for the workers. So that the safety of all the workers are ensured.

At the same time, in the factory premises, all the common touchpoints like doors, machines, lifts, stairs and washrooms are sanitized regularly and social distancing is maintained.

Cute Dress Industry Ltd is strictly maintaining the social distancing safety guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). At its sewing, cutting, finishing, packing sections the factory is ensuring social distancing among the workers.

Policies and strategies of Cute Dress

  • Ensuring every employee wear basic PPE and mask
  • Ensuring every employee’s hand wash/hand sanitize randomly
  • Ensuring social distance in all activities
  • Ensuring every employee’s thermal scan while entering the factory and random check during the working time
  • Ensuring the heath center is ready to take necessary action
  • Designated focal point and COVID-19 task force monitoring

The factory is made by the guidance of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and has achieved an excellent rating point on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Beside sustainable infrastructure, Cute dress has developed a sustainable process in the entire production unit to recycle water and save valuable groundwater.

Sustainability gets the uppermost priority than saving the freshwater has to be top in the list. In this regard, recycle water can be used in many ways and this is the best approach for sustainability.

So Cute Dress Industry Ltd includes the recycling process in the overall procedure to keep a commitment for sustainability. They have a complete design for materials to recycle particularly to reuse of gray water in the manufacturing process.

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