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COVID-19: Silver Line Group focusing on ‘protection & performance fashion’

COVID-19 pandemic severely affected the Global community which at one stage had put a pause on the thoughts of the entire business world. Frontline workers, businesses and people are looking for protective clothing instead of fashion only. And Silver Line Group, one of the largest conglomerates in the textile and apparel sector in Bangladesh is developing ‘Protect & Performance fashion’ in its effort to mitigate this global Coronavirus pandemic.


This will be a big game changer and Silver Line has taken this challenge in their stride by going full thrust in working on ‘Protect &Performance fashion’ being a hardcore fashion-focused vibrant textile Giant. Silver Line Group Director Samit Hassan and Chief Marketing Officer Umrao Sher Uppal with a dynamic team of professionals has been in touch with the top-notch vertical suppliers from around the world to meet the expectations of their end customers.

Silver Line has always been at the forefront of fashion innovations and has always tried to keep pace with the increasing expectations of the Global customers. Keeping pace with innovation and changing trends has always been closely followed and the team has always tried to give the best to the global market.

SLG is working on a basket of products and finishes in Protec & Performance fashion, which are in line with the expectations of the best of best brands and retailers. These innovations will be taken to all its global partner customers one to one along with the complete dedicated vertical supply chain partners who are actively coordinating to develop products that can change the complete buying pattern of the customers.

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