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Create your career in textile production especially in knitting

Nowadays most of the textile engineers want to establish their career in non-production areas mostly in merchandising and marketing. But fresher’s should start their career in production to make their future bright, delightful and sustainable. Because the experience from production floor helps one to take further decisions.

knitting production
Figure 1: Fresher’s should start their career in production to make their future bright, delightful and sustainable.

HR departments are really struggling to select and hire skilled, efficient and technically sound mid-level management (production executive) only because of our young fresh engineers are interested to do desk job rather than production. The opportunities in production are not exposed to the freshers rightly.

A leading textile and apparel company in Bangladesh, Giant textile and garments group of companies are expanding their production facility i.e. there are lots of opportunities for the fresher’s. So, patient and hardworking textile engineers can build his/her carrier successfully there.

Knitting is a sophisticated process where has many ways to reduce costs. Here, an expert professional can play vital roles.

To build a career in the delightful knit sector, below things should be maintained perpetually –

  • The proper SOP is important and strict follow up of SOP is essential for smooth knitting production as well as the quality finish product.
  • Knowledge of raw materials, raw materials sourcing, yarn Uster report analysis and yarn test report at fabric stage must be ensured before the knitting program.
  • To achieve the right GSM with exact finish diameter of fabric, knitting parameter needs to set properly and need to follow up given parameter is maintaining at the knitting stage properly.
  • To ensure knitting side production and quality, employees must work as a team so that exact machine diameter, stitch length, Grey after wash GSM, and for elastane fabric then maintaining machine to machine elastane feeding.
  • Knowledge of color depth and color dyeing process, scouring and bleaching process, caustic soda using effect, enzyme type and it’s dosing as per buyer fabric surface requirement, dyeing run time, finishing process, also humidity of environment (season-of weather) etc. are needed to consider to ensure right GSM with proper diameter of fabric.
  • Online quality and machine technician can play a significant role to ensure production and quality both.

Teamwork is significant between knitting and dyeing otherwise better output will not generate. There is no alternative to work as a team to become a successful professional.

So, textile engineers should be professional to make their career flourish. Also, there is no alternative to hard working. Positive attitude and mindset to learn can make anyone exceptional and example to others.

In Bangladesh, we have shortcoming for effective work. Most of Industry doesn’t have a strong and independent HR department to hire right quality technical people the relationship is giving priority to select manpower in most of the cases), positive attitude, significant team effort, proper evaluation of technical people.

Bangladesh government has taken action to train and motivate the local textile engineers and make them successful in our textile industry. The production area is the most sustainable working area for textile engineers, so young textile engineers should concentrate their career in production which may bring a successful career.

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