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CSR initiatives of Comfit Composite Knit Ltd towards a better tomorrow

‘Sustainability is in the DNA of our business model’ with this motto, Comfit Composite Knit Ltd. is going ahead to achieve its desired target. They are careful in ethical, social, environmental, cultural and economic aspects at large while conducting profit-making business operations.

Comfit Composite Knit Ltd, a sister concern of Youth Group is one of the pioneer textile & apparel company in Bangladesh, started their fruitful journey since 2005. It is located at Gorai, Mirzapur, Tangail surrounded by green environment and producing all types of high-quality knit items with modern state-of-the-art equipment. Currently, they are working with H&M (45%), C&A (40%), Zara, Angel Bird, Sports Master, Kik etc. buyers. They have a daily dyeing capacity of 35 tons and garments capacity is approximately 1 lakh 20 thousand pcs/day.

Comfit Composite Knit Ltd
Figure 1: Comfit Composite Knit Ltd.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a simple way for companies to take responsibility for the social and environmental well-being through their business operations which is why Comfit Composite is unique.

“The whole Textile & Apparel industry in Bangladesh is CSR focused, but still falls short of a mandate. If a company emphasizes on this issue strongly, it will get great feedback in their annual business profit undoubtedly,” said, Engr.Md. Kawsar Ali, Chief Operating Officer, Comfit Composite Knit Ltd.

Health awareness

Comfit Composite is increasing consciousness about Sexual Health & Reproductive Rights (SHRR) in CSR. Full sanitation system, reproductive items such as contraception, birth control pill are being provided as a free basis to the female workers. Sanitary items are given in 60-70% waiver. Workers’ blood grouping is totally free and the company feels it is a duty of them.

The whole Textile & Apparel industry in Bangladesh is CSR focused, but still falls short of a mandate. If a company emphasizes on this issue strongly, it will get great feedback in their annual business profit undoubtedly.

Engr.Md. Kawsar Ali, Chief Operating Officer, Comfit Composite Knit Ltd.

“We always care about medical issues. That is why our factory has a medical center with 10 beds capacity and full-time ambulance service. Two medical doctors are appointed to check patient’s health always. Sampling is done in our own medical center equipped with the full diagnostic kit. We are ventured jointly with Kumudini Medical College and Hospital of Tangail. So they send us important sampling for emergency needs. In that case, our workers do not need to go to the external diagnostic center,” said Mohammad Faruque Hossain, General Manager (HR, Admin & Compliance), Comfit Composite Knit Ltd.

Workers of Comfit Composite Knit Ltd
Figure 2: Workers of Comfit Composite Knit Ltd.

Besides, apart from checking the personal health of the workers, subsidies are also provided to their family and children. The company gives them a 50% subsidy.  The Company has done an agreement with Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Memorial KPJ Specialized Hospital & Nursing College so that company’s workers and staff can take proper health services using their Out Patient Department (OPD) in many cases as a priority corporate client.

Health insurance project

There is a continuous program between management and workers to build up health awareness especially for sexual disease, jaundice, hepatitis, breast cancer etc.

As a part of the company’s CSR, management tries to facilitate to the staffs corporately. Comfit recently has started health insurance service. Under this project, workers, executives, managers, including various classes will be able to get services from any outside hospitals, clinics with scheduled limited money.

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Financial support

Comfit Composite also provides financial aid under the benevolent fund. They have an own benevolent fund, where any imperiled worker or their families, child or parents can get help. Minimum 5000 Tk to maximum up to Tk 1 lakh financial aid is given by Comfit Composite for their health and education.

Childcare unit and fair price shop

Factory premises has an active daycare unit that is very functional, scientific and hygienic. If the workers of the company are suffering from a serious illness such as heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease etc, then the authorities help them under the special financial fund.

Daycare unit at Comfit Composite Knit Ltd
Figure 3: Daycare unit at Comfit Composite Knit Ltd.

Fair price shop is coming soon so that workers can buy nutritious food at a lower price. The company is currently working with Bank Asia, due to its good service. Here 90% of the worker’s transactions are done through Mobile Financial Service (MFS)/booth banking.

Skill development center and social responsibilities

Comfit Composite has its own training center recognized by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board, World Bank, ILO, and BGMEA & BKMEA. From this training center, the company tries to train up the workers who have completed SSC examination and tries to develop them for operator position within 30 days to 45 days and during this time company gives them a full salary. This is one of the very special active training centers among others in Bangladesh. Comfit Composite is jointly linked with the Tangail Skill Training Center through USEF, from which they try to do outsource skilled manpower resources. In case of floods or other disasters in the country, the factory extends their hands to help the victim society and community in different places.

Employee branding

Comfit Composite arranges annual program yearly on the occasion of its establishment where workers and officials get better recognition through various events along with entertainment. If a worker keeps in a calendar year ‘no leave’, he/she is especially rewarded with certificate, crest and by seeing this kind of recognition others feel a lot of encouragement and increase the intensity of works more times. Besides, senior officials are also acknowledged by the certificates, crests and valuable gifts who have been working for a long time in the company.

Management and staffs of Comfit Composite Knit Ltd
Figure 4: Management and staffs were present their annual day on 16 December at factory premises.

Moreover, to keep the working environment good, there are various types of sports tournaments including regular football tournaments. Comfit has many records of becoming champion in various sports competitions at the corporate level.

Educational support

The school is in Sandip to spread the light of education between boys and girls. The school offers a stipend for education and special care for disabled students. There is also a vast computer lab and science laboratories to boost student’s technological skill. There is a debating club for sharpening merit. Besides, Comfit also has the alliance with the Eastern University and Australian International University. They have many young workers who do not have money to study but have great interest of studying. The organization has arranged for them to read. The factory is trying to give waiver at Eastern University and financially helping the poor, meritorious students.

Provident Fund

There is a contributory provident fund in the company’s policy where dividends are given to the workers and the staff equally. The company gives service benefits to their staffs so that they can lead a better life. If a worker works in the company for more than one year and then leave, management officially tries to benefit financially to them.

In-house and outdoor training

Workers are trained up in in-house and outdoor across the whole year. For example, especially for women empowerment, a project is running with SNV, Netherlands to assign supervisor from operator post. Comfit will produce 5% female supervisor of the total workers, so far they are moving towards that target. In the last one year, Comfit management can be able to make supervisor about 40% of the operator. To increase own career counseling, skill development, and managerial capacity, there are outdoor and abroad training system for managers and executives from company owner.

Nutritious food, canteen, and cleanliness facilities

Workers always get low price facilities from the factory’s canteen. Canteen management seems to take care regarding the health of its customers. The kitchen and floor always remain clean, even the furniture too. The food offered is hygienic; it is less oily and properly cooked. The food is served in time. The cook and waiters are well dressed, well behaved and they are careful of their personal hygiene.

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