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CSR as a tool to increase “Employer Branding”

We are living in a world where everyone is doing everything mostly for benefits. The capitalistic world is always encouraging us to do everything for maximizing our profit. But what is actually happening when all of us running after profit? If we observe our area only, the textile and apparel industry, the thinking of profit maximization creates an imbalanced situation in the industry both internally and externally. The planet ‘Earth’ and citizens of the ‘Earth’ are facing different adverse circumstances, which could be defined as ‘unsustainability’ as several negative impacts on social, economic and environment are increasing drastically day by day.

CSR as a tool to increase Employer Branding

To mitigate these adverse impacts several initiatives have been taken by the industry people and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of them which is being promoted in different ways throughout the textile and apparel industry. CSR is how companies manage their business process an overall positive impact on society that covers sustainability, social impact, and ethics. The social responsibility of the corporate bodies especially the RMG sector has been focused by all stakeholders including buyers and the civil society members because of global competitiveness and demand. Thus, CSR has become an unavoidable part of the textile and apparel industry.

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Textile Today has already done several case studies on CSR activities of different apparel manufacturing units of Bangladesh. MBM Group spends more than 2% of its profit for CSR activity. Comfit Composite Knit Ltd, Envoy Textiles Limited, Northern Tosrifa Group, Epyllion Group, Jamuna Apparels Ltd etc are also practicing CSR activities those are really praiseworthy. They are providing free lunch, fair price shop, childcare facilities, healthcare facility, health insurance project, financial support, educational support, provident fund, in-house and outdoor training, recognition and entertainment to the apparel workers.

CSR as a tool to increase Employer Branding
Figure: CSR is rapidly increasing among Bangladeshi textile and apparel manufacturers.

We have seen that the awareness about CSR is rapidly increasing among Bangladeshi textile and apparel manufacturers because of intense pressure from buyers and realizing that CSR enhances the reputation of their company that brings new business. However, the textile industry in a developing country like Bangladesh should start their CSR activities for the welfare of their employees. Another reason behind that factor is that many garments companies in Bangladesh still are not conscious of the workers as a consequence they give little weight to this factor. Textile and apparel industry can contribute to the CSR activities through the motivation of their employees because of employees certainly are key stakeholders.

Several studies of Textile Today have found that CSR is working as employer branding. Employees feel comfort to work those factories which are practicing CSR. Finally, CSR activities can be promoted through the employee’s involvement thus employees may feel that they are a vital part of the company and this concept helps to become a satisfied employee and thus it contribute on productivity, quality improvement as well as profit.

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