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How customers cut energy costs with VARIOline ECOrized

Rieter’s customers Damodar (India) and Karteks Tekstil (Turkey) integrated the intelligent solution VARIOline ECOrized into their blowroom lines and now benefit from lower energy consumption, smooth operations, and improved indoor air quality. The ECOrized option controls all fans dynamically and ensures that the fibers pass through each of the blowroom machines with excellent energy efficiency.

Damodar was the first customer in India to utilize Rieter’s high production blowroom VARIOline with the new pre-cleaner UNlclean B 15. In another first for India, the intelligent solution VARIOline ECOrized which is managed via the control system UNlcontrol was integrated into the blowroom.

VARIOline ECOrized automatically adjusts the air speed to the material quantity (Fig. 1), the process sequence, and when changing assortments. As a result, Damodar’s energy consumption has decreased by 4.5 kW/h in the pneumatic fiber transport and an additional 4.5 kW/h in the filter house.

Figure 1: VARIOline ECOrized controls all fans needed for the pneumatic fiber transport in the blowroom dynamically.

Maximum production at a blowroom line in India

Damodar’s new blowroom VARIOline ECOrized is one of the most productive blowrooms in India. “If the Rieter blowroom is producing at 1 500 kg/h, it only requires one UNIfloc A 12 and one UNIclean B 15. In addition to this, the constantly measured and automatically adjusted airflow makes it the most energy-efficient blowroom”, states Aditya Arunkumar Biyani, Managing Director at Damodar Mills Ltd. (Fig. 2).

Furthermore, no operator is needed to adjust the air balance manually. The system also facilitates predictive maintenance and helps to avoid interruptions in production.

Cleaner air improves working conditions

VARIOline ECOrized has considerably reduced the dust in the blowroom thanks to the closed exhaust air pipes to the filter station. This improves the working conditions in the mill significantly. Damodar also benefits from improved yarn quality: Compared to competitor’s spinning mills, the Rieter blowroom provides excellent cleaning performance with a much-less lint loss which is also evident in the yarn results. Based on test results, Damodar is confident that the blowroom will produce just as reliably at a much higher production rate.

Figure 2: Aditya Arunkumar Biyani, Managing Director, is pleased with the energy-efficient blowroom at Damodar.

Energy savings of USD 19 600 per year

VARIOline ECOrized also greatly reduced energy consumption at Karteks Tekstil in Turkey. The customer invested in three new blowroom lines VARIOline, including the intelligent solution VARIOline ECOrized. To determine the energy savings made thanks to the ECOrized system, Karteks Tekstil operated the three blowroom lines in the standard pneumatic fiber transport mode for the first three weeks.

Figure 3: Karteks Tekstil saves USD 19 600 per year in energy costs thanks to VARIOline ECOrized.

After collecting enough data, the lines were switched to the VARIOline ECOrized mode and have been operating in this mode ever since. The blowroom generated 22% energy savings, with 27% less energy for fans and 16% less energy required for the filter.

This translates to savings of USD 19 600 per year for all three blowroom lines (Fig. 3).

Optimum interaction of the machines

Karteks Tekstil operates a complete Rieter ring spinning system from bale to yarn. “The advantage of Rieter as a system supplier lies in the optimum interaction of the machines. An example for this is the solution VARIOline ECOrized, which – along with many other benefits – saves 22% energy in the blowroom. Rieter developed a solution with great added value by addressing customer’s needs,” says Hüseyin Kadi, Mill Manager at Karteks Tekstil.

Like Damodar, Karteks Tekstil also benefits from better indoor air quality in the blowroom and a smoother operation thanks to predictive information and permanent monitoring of the filter installation.

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