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CYCLO® expands global reach with partnerships in EU and Pakistan

CYCLO® expands global reach with partnerships in EU and Pakistan. In EU, CYCLO® – with its Impacto Recyclo partnership – addressing hurdles like availability of sustainable materials, lead times, MOQs, prices and transparency.

CYCLO®’s warehouse is ideally located in Portugal’s manufacturing hub of Braga. It allows European garment manufacturers easy and immediate access to CYCLO®, one of the most sustainable yarns and fabrics on the market today.

Figure: CYCLO® expands global reach with partnerships in EU and Pakistan.

Aiding European fashion manufacturers and brands meet the demands of a flexible supply chain while maintaining the highest sustainability standards.

The company does this by providing ready stock CYCLO® recycled yarns and fabrics, both in colors and ready for dye.

CYCLO® in Pakistan: Premium Textile Mills

The company has expanded the global supply chain of CYCLO® recycled yarns and fabrics with its latest partnership with Premium Textile Mills. Established in 1986, Premium Textile Mills Ltd. is regarded as one of the most modern and professional value-added spinning units of Pakistan.

This partnership allows Premium Textile Mills to produce CYCLO® in Pakistan. This is part of a broad strategic plan towards expanding CYCLO® closed-loop processes regionally.

“These partnerships are crucial for the implementation of standardized sustainable practices in major supply chains based on the CYCLO® system,” said Mustafain Munir, Director of CYCLO Yarn.

To mitigate the fashion waste challenges major global brands have committed to recycling back used garments into new recycled products to reduce the solid waste problem. Moreover, consumers are also increasing pressure for sustainable products. Thus ‘Circular Fashion’ is getting prevalent every day and CYCLO® transforms fashion waste into treasures.

CYCLO® by SIMCO Spinning Mills is a pioneering name in sustainable solution to the solid waste problem the brands are facing.

For more information on how to use CYCLO® recycled yarn in European supply chains please contact: goncalo@cyclofibers.com

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