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Datatex for ‘jeans manufacturing’ in New Delhi

Datatex attended a seminar about issues on jeans manufacturing, as sponsor and presenter on 14th September 2019.

The seminar was intended to deliberate on challenges and key opportunities in Denim and Jeans Manufacturing. According to a market research, the global denim market will generate 130 billion US dollars by 2021 and it has great growth potential in India as well.

datatex in New Delhi

Nowadays, the production of denim fabric is very high in India, but its consumption is not so widespread among people. As the lifestyle is changing very rapidly and popularity of Jeans India is increasing, it will become a very interesting sales market in the next future.

With the increase in manufacturing and consumption of denim, textile industry also needs to ensure proper use of owned resources like material/machine/workers or natural resources like land or water.

The seminar successfully discussed these topics and the audience, composed by textile and apparel manufactures, participated in intense question and answer sessions.

Datatex Head for Sales and Marketing in the APAC region, Rahul Mahajan, presented company’s and discussed the benefits it can bring to a textile and apparel manufacturing firm.

Datatex has specialized IT solutions including ERP, Planning Solutions (capacity as well as Machine planning), Shop floor data management, Fabric Inspection and Cut Optimization, Product Lifecycle management and MIS/Business Intelligence solution which can be used by Denim and Jeans manufactures, in order to use optimally the resources and better meet their customers’ needs.

Datatex ERP solution with all its related modules, are highly configurable and help users to take better decisions about every production issue.

The big advantage of its solution is its user-friendliness, that allows everybody from the most to the less experienced in technology, to successfully approach the ERP system and take advantage from it.

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