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DBL Group receives Textile Institute Sustainability Award 2013

Knit giant DBL Group has received the Textile Institute Sustainability Award for Medals and Awards 2013 for its contribution to sustainable production. The prestigious award was grandly presented to DBL Group at the 89th World Conference held in Wuhan, China on November 05, 2014. The Sustainability Award is given to a business organization that has had a demonstrable effect on sustainable policy and practices in textiles, clothing and footwear and in one or more of the following- sourcing, production, use, recycling and disposal. The Award Medals were commenced by the Institute in 1928 with the induction of the Honorary Fellowship

While presenting DBL’s corporate ideology in a post conference meeting of The Textile Institute in Dhaka on 28th November, Mr. Mohammad Zahidullah, General Manager Corporate, DBL informed that DBL believes in learning and sharing for making sure sustainability. The Textile Institute members in Bangladesh gathered for a review on the recently ended TI World Conference in Wuhan, China. All the focus of the meeting was naturally on the DBL participants and members here in Dhaka hailed DBL for moving forward to achieve such international awards. In the meeting The Textile Institute Bangladesh section has declared that it has teamed up with Bangladesh Textile Today to jointly organize 3rd International Conference on Textile and Apparel, ICTA 2015 in Dhaka.

John T. Smith, , Textiles and RMG, UNIDO – BEST Program& Chairman, International Events, The Textile Institute at the company’s’ corporate office in Dhaka. Right to Mr. Wahed is DBL counterpart and left Mr. John is representatives from TI Bangladesh section.

In the review meeting, Prof. Syed Fakhrul Hasan, Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Southeast University gave the keynote speech on his experience of visiting the conference. He informed that this world conference on TI was overwhelmingly covered by the demonstration of Chinese ability of organizing such an event. The host Wuhan Textile University was amazing. He informed that Bangladesh’s name was profoundly pronounced several times and most significantly we felt proud when Bangladeshi company DBL Group received the most prestigious award, The Sustainability Award.

Meanwhile at the honor of achieving TI sustainability award, DBL group arranged a round table discussion at their corporate office on 09th November, 2014. Representative of the UK-based Textile Institute John T. Smith, International Coordinator / Long Term Adviser, Textiles and RMG, UNIDO – BEST Program& Chairman, International Events, The Textile Institute, Prof Syed Fakhrul Hassan, Professor & Chairman, Department of Textile Engineering, Southeast University, Prof. Dr. Md. Saifur Rahman, Technical Editor, Bangladesh Textile Today, Dr. Engr. Md. Humaun Kabir, Principal, National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research (NITER), A S M Tareq Amin, Editor & Publisher, Bangladesh Textile Today and many others senior officials from DBL Group were present in this discussion ceremony. DBL group’s Chairman, Mr. Abdul Wahed was leading the DBL part while he said, ‘Since our establishment in 1991, we have come a long way and evolved as a responsible and ethical practitioner in the industry. Full commitment and endeavours led us to be one of the largest composite knit garments and textile manufacturers and exporters in Bangladesh. TI recognition is one of the awards that encourage us to move forward.’ DBL Managing Director Mohammed Abdul Jabber expressed that his group is interested in increasing collaborations with professional’s organizations like The Textile Institute. He stressed the necessity of more capable textile professionals for the industry.

In this November 2014, The Textile Institute World Conference was held in Wuhan, China and the award was declared in that event. A delegate of Textile Institute members visiting the world conference shared their idea and gave the review on the conference to the top executives of DBL group.

Meanwhile, DBL recently has unveiled its 2013 sustainability report as well. The report informed DBL’s sustainability model of taking care of people, process, product, community and environment. DBL is exporting garments of more than 250 million USD and has employed more than 15,000 people in its companies. Its sustainability report reveals that the company is contributing around 20 billion BDT every year directly in Bangladesh’s economy.

The Textile Institute’s Medals and Awards are conferred upon individuals and organizations in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the textile world. With International Headquarters in Manchester, UK, the Textile Institute is a unique membership organization for textile professionals and serves textile related industries worldwide. The institute is well active in Bangladesh also in the name of its local section.

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