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A declaration of the era of ‘Functional Fashion’

In this junction of the COVID-19 pandemic, many well-established realities and practices of the world are changing rapidly. Industries, businesses, social dynamics, the lifestyle are few to name and so the definition of fashion and the fashion industry is also going to see a major change. It seems the dominating concept of ‘Fast Fashion’ is going to be affected by the need for function, protection and serviceability and so the word ‘Functional Fashion’ is to become the next buzz word in the fashion industry.


Now ‘protective functions’ not only be sought by frontline workers i.e. medical professionals, law enforcement, etc., but this would also be required in the daily use of clothing and accessories. Today not only the sportsmen, but travelers of adverse weather, or especially vulnerable persons or the children also need protection and special functions on their clothing, it is going to be feature asked by everybody on their fashion products. Function in fashion is going to give critical market advantages to fashion brands and retailers.

Functional clothing is specifically designed and engineered to ensure predefined performance requirements and/or functionality for the user. Like in personal protective equipment or protective apparel with antibacterial properties demand for which has surged to protect from Coronavirus. So, Functional Clothing will no more be of a very special small market, it is going to insert in the regular fashion market. The adverse effects of climate change is only to make it more relevant for the time beyond the current pandemic.

Besides, functionally made wear includes protection under harsh environmental conditions during work or sporting activities and protection against extreme hazards and environments, textiles for defense forces, etc. All these demands will continue to rise as well making it a lucrative investment for retailers and brands.

‘Functional Fashion’ is the term that binds fashion awareness, style and design distinguished with the necessary function of protection and also product life cycle. The fashion is to be more sustainable in nature than the ‘Fast Fashion’ and hopefully, the consumers will pay better for better protection of themselves also for better protection of others. Sustainable production and consumption could be achieved by the concept of‘ Functional Fashion’.

It is Textile Today, a Bangladesh based global textile media network and innovation hub is launching the concept of ‘Functional Fashion’ in this second week of June 2020. And that’s why this special weekly supplementary has been added with the portfolio of Textile Today publications. We look forward to initiating a great journey that can help to turn the textile, clothing and fashion industry a better one overcoming the strains put by the pandemic and ‘Fast Fashion’.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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