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‘Defense against Dengue’ campaign by Textile Engineer’s Community

Textile Engineer’s community (TEC) has campaigned under the slogan of ‘Defense against Dengue’ in Gulshan-Banani area as a part of social awareness against dengue fever.

Defense against Dengue by Textile Engineer’s Community

TEC is a Facebook Group based non-profit organization, where any Textile Engineers can join. Today’s awareness campaign has been organized as a part of CSR. They encouraged people to ensure cleanliness inside their home and around buildings. Throughout the day various events and activities are being held up to raise awareness.

Around 80 members from multinational buying houses, garments factory and other textile-based organizations were present at today’s program.

Uzzal Dakua, Merchandising Manager from Echotex Ltd says, “We have to be serious about Dengue. We are the first line of defense for our own health.”

Rashed Ahmed, AGM Knitting from Palmal group says, “Potential youth can be on risk if they are not aware of Dengue.”

Golam Kabir from Dewhirst Ltd says, “This awareness event is our social responsibility as a Textile Engineer.”

TEC used banners, placards, and leaflets, etc. activities. These people believe if only one person gets concerned on how to prevent dengue, then all this work is successful today.

Rizvan from Original Marines Ltd comments, “Not only Bangladeshi citizens, but many foreigners also live in Dhaka. So, we have to aware of them too. We used English leaflets for them to aware.”

The theme “Defense against Dengue” aimed at encouraging individuals and organizations to take the simple steps that can make a big difference to people.

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