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Dekko & Agami Accessories received ‘LEED Platinum’ certification

Dekko Accessories Limited and Agami Accessories Limited have obtained the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum Certificate from the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Lead is an internationally recognized green building certification system.

Figure 1: Dekko Accessories Ltd and Agami Accessories Ltd have obtained theLEED Platinum Certificate from the USGBC.

According to a detailed review of the USGBC analysis of all program data showed that the organizations met the requirements and earned a total of 87 lead points for certification.

360 Total Solutions Limited (TSL) has acted as the main consultant for this project. By gaining those LEED points, Dekko and Agami Accessories have been ranked in the top ten factories in the world along with Bangladesh.

The LEED certificate demonstrates the sustainable and sustainable development of Dekko and Agami Accessories.

Figure 2: Mohammad Abdur Rouf, Executive Director, Dekko Accessories Limited is inspecting the recycle polyester button process.

At the time of awarding the certificate, Ananta Ahmed, a faculty member of USGBC and Chief Consultant and Managing Director of 360 TSL, said, “LEED was not just a certificate. It is also the most effective business management system. In addition to total cost savings, the project works to save on efficient management of energy and water use.”

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