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Denim Expo to display latest and sustainable denim trends

After much of attendee’s requests and demand from potential and existing exhibitors, Bangladesh denim expo is again going to demonstrate through executing series of static product displays, presentations, seminar sessions and panel discussions in November 2019 edition.

The theme for the 11th edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo will be ‘Responsibility’. The expo will address the level of social, environmental and economic responsibility the apparel industry holds to ensure products are produced in the most ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

For the first time the largest four denim producers from Bangladesh – Pacific Jeans Ltd, Ananta Group, Bitopi Group and Dekko Group– presented their offers at the International Convention City Bashundhara in Dhaka on 5 and 6 November.

Boasting an expanded roster of nearly 100 local and international denim industry exhibitors—with visitors predicted to exceed 9,000—the Bangladesh Denim Expo offers the ideal environment for discovering the latest in denim trends and advances in sustainable denim production techniques within the country.

In previous exhibitions, the attendees coming from the home market of Bangladesh as well as from India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, and Vietnam joined in exhibition. The expanded roster of exhibitors from Bangladesh drew a specific focus on Bangladesh industry to reinforce strategic partnerships.

To fulfill the needs of the international denim community, upcoming denim expo will contribute to expand the untapped potentiality for Bangladesh denim industry. The significant offerings in this expo will hold these issues of creating opportunities to market our brand:

  • Opportunities to make new contacts.
  • Discover new products.
  • Gaining a comprehensive overview of the latest developments available from the region.

“The Expo is the right place for gaining connections, to see our customers and to share ideas about the denim market,” said Alice Tonello, R&D director of Tonello SRL. “For us at Tonello, it is very important to participate in Bangladesh Denim Expo, as many of our customers are here, and it is the perfect environment for us to extend our network of connections within Bangladesh.”

Several denim mills and factories from Bangladesh will present their solutions and progresses they have already made. Transparency will be discussed throughout many activities and programs at the fair: it will be worldwide presentation through a Transparency Wall, with a virtual tour of transparent manufacturing.

“My personal drive is to make a difference for my industry, but equally for my country. I want to be the agent of change who, together with my friends and colleagues in the denim world, sets a new scene for how international buyers and brands see Bangladesh in the future,” said  Mostafiz Uddin, Managing Director of Denim Expert Ltd.

This expo will be a theme to promote discussion among exhibitors, guests and invited speakers, intended to inform attendees and the trade about issues surrounding sustainability, transparency, circularity and better business practices for adoption by the local and international denim community.

Bangladesh is the 2nd largest country which exports Denim in Europe and 3rd largest in USA. 5600 factories Export 200 million pieces of Denim from Bangladesh over 120 countries. Total 4 million people are working in RMG Factories which is a $20 billion industry. At present Bangladesh have 25 Denim Fabric Manufacturers which produce 20 million yards per month. This fulfills 40 % of total demand and 60% fabric still needs to be imported.

Conducting business and developing products within the denim industry can have far-reaching consequences on the environment.  Through a series of static product displays, presentations, seminar sessions and panel discussions, the Expo will encourage healthy debate and interaction among exhibitors and visitors to champion a more responsible denim industry.

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