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Denim goes greener through the whole weaving value chain

Prosperity Textile acting as a pioneer and choosing the first sustainable innovation in the weaving industry: the brand-new iSAVER™ by Itema

A new important partnership marks the path of Itema towards a greener future for the whole denim production chain. Prosperity Textile, one of the main denim producers worldwide, has chosen for its new facility one of the most interesting and sustainable-oriented Itema technologies, iSAVER™ equipped on the Itema R95002denim. Prosperity Textiles is, in fact, one of the early adopters of this new technology chosen for the new plant that the world-famous indigo fabrics producer will open in Vietnam, and that will be exclusively equipped with the latest Itema weaving machine model, demonstrating once again its green, future-oriented approach.

Itema R95002denim
Figure 1: Itema R95002denim.

Thanks to its partnership with Itema, Prosperity Textiles makes again a step forward in terms of sustainable innovation, as one of the first denim producers able to successfully turn – even the weaving production – green.

iSAVER™: the ideal green tool for denim weaving

This new technology, developed by ItemaLab™, the Itema Advanced Innovation Department, is able to completely eliminate the left-hand weft waste, allowing to insert the weft yarns in the fabric without the need of additional yarns. iSAVER™ significantly reduces raw material waste, leading to tangible benefits in terms of machine’s efficiency, cost reduction, and energy saving.

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Just consider that the weaver will gain a minimum saving of € 2.000 every year per machine, and our planet will gain even more. In fact, for the first time in the weaving industry, a sustainable approach when choosing the weaving equipment is now possible. Thanks to iSAVER™, 1.000 Kg of cotton per machine every year – the 3% of the total raw materials – will be saved, thus avoiding the waste of 20 million liters of water, equivalent to 400.000 showers.

Itema iSAVER
Figure 2: Itema iSAVER.

Numbers are clear: the introduction of iSAVER™ clearly sets a new benchmark in terms of sustainability within denim fabric production. Furthermore, the iSAVER™ is one of the key features of the Itema R95002denim, the rapier weaving machine born and designed to weave denim guaranteeing to weavers superior textile quality, outstanding user-friendliness and tangible energy and raw materials saving.

A joint eco-driven path

Itema, understand very well the importance of saving resources and energy to drive the textile production in the direction of a more conscious manufacturing, focused its attention to develop breakthrough weaving solutions and in 2018 introduced to the market the iSAVER™, a revolutionary device dedicated specifically to denim fabrics able to eliminate the waste selvedge on the left-hand side of the fabric.

This is one of the reasons-why Prosperity Textiles has chosen to adopt this extraordinary technology for its new facility. Today Prosperity Textiles is one of the main denim producers worldwide, counting 1,300 employees and 20 offices worldwide. Moreover, a second state-of-the-art denim mill will be inaugurated in Vietnam by the end of 2018.

What makes Prosperity able to stand out on a global scale, is not simply its products high-quality but the ability to conciliate flawless denim fabric production with a sustainability-oriented mindset that permeates every stage of their textile supply chain.

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Prosperity, indeed, adopted innovative green manufacturing concepts through all stages of the company’s operations, from product development, raw materials procurement, and processing, to natural resources and energy utilization including waste management.

The introduction of eco-friendly dyeing and finishing practices allows the company to create beautiful indigo shades and performance denim, with less water and energy consumption compared to the traditional systems. Last year, Prosperity produced 20% more fabrics than 2016, yet the water and electricity use and greenhouse gas emission was down by 11.5%, 7.9%, and 5.4% respectively.

In this continuous process of improvement and contribution to a greener industry and planet, plays a central role. The recent renewal of the historic partnership and strategic alliance with Itema – the leading manufacturer of cutting-edge weaving solutions – which represents the natural evolution of a constant process of research for partners able to support Prosperity Textiles’ growth as a sustainable company.

Up to now, all innovations and efforts done in this regard addressed the traditionally more polluting steps of the denim production. In fact, if the development of green technologies is nowadays spread in many fabric processing stages, such as finishing and dyeing, weaving was not yet capable to provide sustainable solutions to weavers.

Itema at DTG 2019

Itema is exhibiting at DTG Dhaka (Hall 7 / 510) from January 9th – 12th at BICC – Bangabandhu International Conference Centre in a joint booth with its sole agent in the country Pacific Associates to get in touch with the Bangladeshi textile industry and deliver its technological and customer approach highlights.

The Italian based Company will showcase its absolute worldwide best-seller, the Itema rapier machine R9500. The R9500 on the show, courtesy of the Itema Customer Well Group based in Chattogram, will exhibit a shirting fabric which represents one of the most produced in the Bangladeshi weaving mills. The Itema’s target is to demonstrate to the industry the textile superiority, the real production performances and the excellent efficiency of the R9500 when it comes to weaving the widest range of fabrics, including shirting, apparel, and fashion fabrics.

DTG is for Itema the perfect stage to allow the Bangladeshi weavers to experience first-hand of the advanced weaving technology and the worldwide Itema references, in what is defined as one of the future leading countries in the woven fabric production.

In fact, despite garment is a major industry in Bangladesh the biggest amount of fabric required is still imported from other countries. In this landscape, the future development of the weaving industry represents one of the main potential sectors for the growth of the Bangladeshi textile industry.

Itema positions itself as a reliable partner – and not only a simple supplier – for textile companies, providing best-in-class, made in Italy weaving machines along with real-time after-sales service, highly professional training for the weavers and integrated textile consultancy.

Itema is uniquely positioned in the market to offer textile manufacturers the top three weft insertion technologies – rapier, airjet and projectile, OEM spare parts, upgrade kits and a the dedicated online shop MyItema for the historic brands now part of Itema – Somet, Sulzer and Vamatex, plus highly professional trainings in 6 worldwide locations.

Itema, as a customer-oriented Company, wants to give to the Bangladeshi textile entrepreneurs a valuable option in the market and features a solid organization in the country, relying on a trained and professional locally based team of technicians.

The Italian representatives of the Company along with the Bangladeshi Itema dedicated team will be at DTG to meet the industry players, to listen to their needs and to show them the multiple possibilities and advantages that they could get by dealing with Itema.

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