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Denim PV showcases sustainable R&D denim developments

As always, Denim Première Vision (Denim PV) has confirmed itself as a driving force for global denim fashion lovers. In Arena Berlin, Berlin, Germany – 83 exhibitors and more than 1,600 visitors, along with 1,800 professionals took part in the Digital Denim Week on May 17 and 18, 2022 – and showcased Fall/Winter (F/W) 23-24 collections and their up-to-date sustainable R&D denim developments.

Figure: Denim Première Vision Fall/Winter (F/W) 23-24 collections highlight up-to-date sustainable R&D denim developments. Courtesy: Denim PV

The international denim community is in full swing with Kingpins Amsterdam in mid-April and Bangladesh Denim Expo on May 10-11 followed by Denim Première Vision in Germany. It is evident that among the fashion consumers denim falls among chic and relaxed, authentic and bold, and it is building a noteworthy place for itself right in the heart of the Fall/Winter season.

The elite show of Denim PV show created an opportunity for denim manufacturers to meet with the creative minds behind brands. Where it is decisively unleashed its full creative potential and showcased innovation with all-new handles, behaviors and blends. Showcasing ideal material for signaling the stylistic renewal taking place across the denim industry.

Here are some key features highlighted in the Denim PV show

Family-owned Italian laundry Blue Jeans Lavanderie showcased their chlorine- and potassium-free permanganate solution to attain the in-demand 3D effects seen on the Fall/Winter 22-23 catwalk. Blue Jeans Lavanderie uses Soko’s Lumina solution – a chlorine auxiliary that better control and more defined ozone finishing.

Pacific Jeans proudly promoted ‘Made in Bangladesh’ at Denim PV in Berlin. The buyers visited Pacific Jeans stall at Denim PV and explored and experienced the premium jeans manufactured by Pacific Jeans. The participation of Pacific Jeans at the fair contributed to change the narrative of Bangladesh apparel industry to the Western world and build confidence among the visitors about the ability of Bangladesh’s denim industry.

Bangladesh-based Square Denim presented its ‘ballerina’ impression with 85% stretch and no growth. Along with ballerina fabric – Square Denim also showcased vintage-inspired fabrics, ‘always raw’ finishes and ‘cactus’ denim manufactured with waterless dyeing in the F/W 23-24.

R&D and product diversification are the keys concerning areas for Square Denim which focused most to make high-end garments.

Turkey-based Isko presented its iconic fabric franchises like the Isko Reform, Isko Pop. Over 95% of Isko’s collection comprises a least 50% recycled material – underlining the company’s emphasis on reducing virgin components.

Blue Jeans Lavanderie highlighted that the high-end denim market is beginning to transform from the worn-in vintage Levi’s look to bolder distinctions, needle piercing and color.

The denim creators combine their denim collections into their main lines – while visitors expressed that designers gave attention to greater details. This was a common phenomenon on the show floor for jeans with needle-punched patterns.

Pakistan-based Chottani presented a slow fashion notion that customs carved woodblock prints. Which are hand printed, using only natural dyes resultant from pomegranate and turmeric. Chottani’s fabrics are dried after printing to guarantee colorfastness. Aamir Chottani, CEO, Chottani said that they are not making it in large quantities. Making only 100-150 pieces in about five to six months.

Sustainability was the main attraction as recycled cotton and BCI cotton was the center stage of Realteks Tekstil’s collection of tried-and-true indigo fabrics.

Serbia-based Eurotay showcased A nostalgic collection that offers the 80s- and ’90s-inspired fabrics. A heritage range centers on selvedge denim with a worn look.

Another Pakistan-based denim manufacturer SM Denim’s booth attracted visitors with its eye-catching digital prints.

Elegance and comfort

Carrying on from summer 23, exhibitors have worked on elegance and comfort in products while keeping the aesthetics that characterize jeans. At the same time, comfort is intrinsic to the search for elegant denim.

Evolution of stretch: Modern denim is characterized by comfort, as the rising prominence of stretch in compositions, while considering issues of eco-responsibility. New blends are being applied with recycled and/or bio-sourced materials.

Some exhibitors in the Denim PV have pressed the innovation to the limit with mono-materials that evade the use of synthetic fiber. They also fashion wonders with selvedge denim perceived in a blend of elastane and recycled polyester. For instance, Naveena Denim Limited (NDL) exhibited mechanical stretch denim. The natural stretch fabrics, with 13% stretch, which have better shrinkage rates than jeans with elastane.

Unpredictable softness: Material blends are evolving and innovating as they look to meet the needs of a less tailored and relaxed City wardrobe. The proportion of lyocell fibers in the cotton blends is increasing, resulting in softer and more fluid handles. This softness is also possible today on organic cotton thanks to the use of advanced finishes.


Authenticity was prominent in the show as the use of hemp is more pronounced. A fiber branded for being ecologically responsible, hemp is a smart substitute for linen and easily associates with other natural materials such as cotton.

Warm feels and finish fabrics

Warm feels and finishes were prominent as the denim fabrics projected by the exhibitors also strive to be colder, with heavier weights, at the same time comfortable and softness.

Denim companies also highlighted smarter approaches to making jeans. Where sustainability was at the core of most new collections.

Indigo Textile showed its zero-waste notion developed in collaboration with US designer Danielle Elsner.

Some of the other happenings at the Denim PV show included in-person and online fashion seminars, innovations at the show in the Trends Agora, Digital Denim Smart Talks to review the sector’s ecological progress and innovations in terms of sustainable materials, a Season Smart Talk donating new eco-friendly denim developments, and a Traceability Smart Talk to determine traceable-production solutions presented by the show’s exhibitors.

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