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Denimach Washing Ltd. pledges towards sustainability with quality product

Denimach Washing Ltd. (DWL) is a business partner of Denimach Ltd and a sister concern of Armana Group. After 10 Years of Armana Groups’ establishment, Denimach Washing Ltd started its glorious journey in 2005 as a flagship unit, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Since its startup in 2005, DWL has been developed in size, efficiency, and reputation and also won the trust of world’s top brands amongst Levi’s, GAP, H&M, NEXT, ZARA, UNIQLO, Benetton, Varner Group etc.

Denimach Washing Ltd.
Figure 1: Denimach Washing Ltd. Is truly concerned about sustainability and product quality.

Denimach Washing is laterally equipped with the latest technology, sustainable machinery, state-of-the-art in-house lab, hi-tech design house, and highly efficient ETP with MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor) technology for effluent treatment. The Accord and Alliance certification for the architecture, fire and electrical safety are the proof of the desire for its projection.

Sustainable less water or no water mc DWL
Figure 2: Sustainable less water or no water m/c are the significant for the DWL sustainability.

DWL Strength at sustainable product quality

Denimach Washing bears the commitments and the ethics of its own strength for quality principles by prioritizing the sustainable process, latest technologies, new trends or fashions, and the end users satisfaction. DWL has a dedicated team for creating innovative, refreshing, sustainable and trendy fashions for its Brands.

Quality is the key of DWL success

Denimach Washing has achieved the confidence of the brands for their abilities to conform their requirements and quality standards. For all the brands DWL has an individual strong team to follow up the respective Brands production, products quality and the requirements with the brand’s eyes across. This is why global brands like Gap has entrusted them to work with them on VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) model that requires insight and a keen eye for details through analysis and weekly forecasting.

Denimach Washing work condition
Figure 3: Workers are working in a safe environment by maintaining product quality.

In view of their stringent quality checks, consistent output and timely deliveries, global brands like H&M, Levi’s and GAP have empowered them with self-inspection, a process that allows out in-house experts to permit the stocks for dispatch on behalf of their clients. This showcases the trust and faith the premier brands repose in them.

In respect of the quality, Denimach was awarded several times of the Gold, Bronze and Silver medal on overall performance for the NEXT brand production, quality and on-time delivery in the recent past years. Also for the other major brands like GAP, H&M, Levi’s etc. Their shipped product DC audit pass rate is above 99%.

Edge through sustainability

The Armana Group firmly believes in sustainability and devoted to sustainable supply chain management. By being careful about the product safety and the environment, they demonstrate their employees a sense of responsibility towards their surroundings. Denimach Washing Ltd constantly takes necessary initiatives to recycle and up-cycle while maintaining ecological balance in their manufacturing processes.

Besides the latest process or operational sustainable technologies we have some advance long term Sustainable plans like recycle and reuse of ETP water, rainwater harvesting system, rooftop solar energy establishing etc.

Yamin Chowdhury, GM, Denimach Washing Ltd

ZDHC collaboration

Denimach Washing is an active participant of the “Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals” program. International brands like H&M and Levi’s are the major partners driving this collaborative endeavor. The Group has partnered with world-renowned chemical producers and laboratories to analyze the toxic and harmful chemicals used in the industry and eliminate them from its manufacturing and washing processes. There are no hazardous chemicals in their end products and discharges. Twice a year they test their wastewater and upload the results into ZDHC Gateway platform. They also ensure safe disposal of the waste without any harm to the environment.

Chemical Management System (CMS)

They have an updated CMS policy to ensure a healthy and safe environment for workers. Denimach confirms 100% positive listed chemical from Screen chemistry, ZDHC gateway, ETAD, bluesign®, GOTS, Oeko-Tex® 100, Eco Passport etc. They strictly maintain buyers RSL & MRSL requirements for the product safety. As per Screened Chemistry requirements, above 96% regular used chemicals are screened for all the brands. They maintain necessary document like MSDS, TDS, CIL, PSD, chemical restriction declaration, MRSL & RSL declaration for different brands. Their raw materials storing systems are properly decorated according to the compatibility chart. Denimach used to conduct a training program to raise awareness on proper chemical storage and handling among all the employees.

Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS)

Denimach has an updated EHS policy, through this they are committed to operating in a way that safeguards their workforces and protects the environment. Environmental disaster, climate changes, health and safety of employees and communities are the most important sustainability focus area of Denimach. Their on-going commitment to safety and sustainability is embedded in their business practices and reflects their belief that long-term success will be measured not only by financial performance but also by a continued focus on good corporate citizenship for customer, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the communities where all people’s lives and works.

Denimach Washing MBR technology ETP
Figure 4: MBR technology ETP plant (300 m3 per hour capacity) at Denimach Washing Ltd.

Denimach Washing factory environment policy serves as the complete guideline for people working at Denimach washing Ltd. To achieve a zero injury, they are committed to integrating sound environment, health, and safety (EHS) practices into their everyday activities with their stakeholders.

Sustainability programs

Under PACT Program initiative, Denimach is continuously takings initiatives like saving energy, saving water waste, sludge management, solid waste management, installing led light which actually saves energy about 40% and prevents GHG emission by 30%. They also installed VFD motor which saves a noticeable level of energy consumption.

Yamin Chowdhury, General Manager of Denimach Washing Ltd said, “Besides the latest process or operational sustainable technologies we have some advance long term Sustainable plans like recycle and reuse of ETP water, rainwater harvesting system, rooftop solar energy establishing etc.”

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