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Despicable truth

We the Bangladeshis have a profound tradition of brotherhood, unity, valiance and ingenuity. In spite of having all these virtues somewhere we are stabbed.

We must not forget Rana Plaza Tragedy. The lesson we learned is far more, than any college or university or even a book can teach. The incident showed us the catastrophe of humanity besides it faced off some of the politician we know as they are truly not.

Anybody could blame not to be so much nostalgic. But the brutality of our age is we don’t heed to learn from the past. It has been around three and a half years since we have faced such catastrophe. So far we have seen the alacrity of social compliance, Labor law amendment, salary structure etc. but in reality are they really deserve something more. What we have brought to those who keep the economy running smoothly.

A couple holding each other while collapsed under Rana Plaza.
Figure : A couple holding each other while collapsed under Rana Plaza. Numerous households in and around Dhaka is under threat of high earthquake risk that could bring about mammoth disaster.

Let’s get back to the 24, April 2013. On that day at least 1,135 people were killed and 2,500 others injured according to the Daily Star. The eight storied building were collapsed which took 7 days to rescue the stuckers. There were many groups of rescuers like fire service, Bangladesh Army, volunteers and mass people participated into the rescuing operation. Besides many construction companies and workshops spared their helping hands for the victims. Many domestic medicine companies came forward to help the victims.

After a few days we came to know that the total incidents took place due to the hedonism of the building owner Sohel Rana. He insisted the garments worker to work into this risky building. After this incident we are much concern and our buyers forced us to comply with the safety rules and regulations.

What if this incident occurred due to natural calamity? What if these damages occurred due to earthquake? Are we really safe now? Everything is all right inside the factory. But the places our garments workers live at night? Who cares about their living room?

From the last few days we have been passing our days cowering by the fear of tremendous earthquake. Just take rana plaza as an example of earthquake. What happened if two third of the buildings of this city collapse. A six floor building took seven day to clear up, how many days it would be for this gigantic figure.

For an eight floor building collapse we took every possible assistances from compliance to building but our whole city is still unsafe. This issue has been talked millions of times by the intellectuals. But not much has been done.

It is quiet easy to speculate the after effect of the disaster. From the old Dhaka to some part of new Dhaka the buildings are such congested that a rickshaw can hardly pass through it. Just imagine if the disaster really occurred maximum buildings are inside these types of areas. Where the roads will be blocked by the wreckage of building and nobody could reach towards the stuckers or nobody could come to inform about the damages. The mainroad side buildings would have some possibility for survivals.

After some mild quack we can see the hectic action by the government and other responsible bodies but effort freezes after few days. There are many times the buildings has been identified as risky. Due to some unknown reason we still could not find any fruitful result.

So it is time to take lesson for the sake of our developing economy to ensure the safety of accomodation for our deligent members of the society.


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