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Dhaka Apparel Expo 2022: a bold move amid global recession

Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), has brought together the global buyers and entrepreneurs of the apparel sector under one roof at ‘Dhaka Apparel Expo 2022’. This initiative is to increase the sustainable growth and positive image of the country’s readymade garment (RMG) sector. Concerned says that this arrangement with the world’s biggest entrepreneurs is a bold initiative amid the global recession. Dhaka Apparel Expo 2022, which started on Monday, saw a flood of representatives from world-renowned buyers.

Dhaka Apparel Expo 2022
Figure 1: BGMEA has brought together the global buyers and entrepreneurs of the apparel sector under one roof at ‘Dhaka Apparel Expo 2022’.

This was seen at the week-long ‘Made in Bangladesh Week’ event at International Convention Center, in Dhaka. The mega event is being organized by BGMEA, the apex organization of the garment sector in collaboration with Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE). Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the ‘Made in Bangladesh Week 2022.’

Faruque Hassan delivered the welcome speech at the opening program. Cem Altan, President, IAF; Prime Minister’s Private Industry and Investment Adviser, Salman F Rahman MP spoke at the event.

Garment industry owners said about the Expo, indomitable Bangladesh wants to turn around even in the face of a hundred difficulties; Initiatives taken from such conviction have brought global buyers under one roof in the global recession. As a result, the entrepreneurs of the companies participating in the apparel expo hope that the crisis will become a possibility.

Dhaka Apparel Expo 2022-BGMEA
Figure 2: Faruque Hassan inaugurating the event.

About 550 brands and buyer representatives from around the world were invited to the sustainable apparel sector. Most of them have already come to Dhaka. They have come up with new innovations to make the garment sector sustainable. Design, energy-efficient and environment-friendly technology have not been left out.

BGMEA president Faruque Hassan inaugurated the Dhaka Apparel Expo. Referring to this event as the global buyers’ conference, he said, “Made in Bangladesh Week 2022 will showcase the capability of our apparel sector before the world. This event will contribute to the country’s economy in dealing with the dollar crisis.”

“The weeklong mega event would produce opportunities for all the stakeholders of the global apparel value chain to work together to face the global challenges,” Faruque Hassan said.

Apart from this, BGMEA is working with conventional markets as well as non-conventional markets to deal with the global recession. We are working on a plan to double the current share in the world market. But Faruque Hassan has asked for the government’s policy support for this.

Hassan also highlighted RMG manufacturers do not negotiate work orders by undercutting prices.

Speaking to the media about the event, Ranjan Mahtani, founder and executive chairman of Epic Group, said, “I have been doing business with Bangladesh since 1985. I am saying from long experience, Bangladesh is doing well. Future prospects are also quite good. Bringing global entrepreneurs under one roof in a recession is a bold initiative of its time.”

Cem Altan-IAF-Dhaka Apparel Expo 2022
Figure 3: Faruque Hassan and Cem Altan, President, IAF touring the event.

He also said, “All major buyers of the world have attended this event. In the same way, Bangladesh will move forward by facing the recession. He hopes to achieve the goal of 100 billion dollars in 2031. But for this, you have to take small steps. Move out of basic clothing to export high-value clothing. There is also that possibility. For this, if the deficit of Vietnam and China can be filled, Bangladesh can easily utilize the potential.

Dird Group General Manager Vishal Kumar said that Bangladesh was once sewing and shipping, but now it is also working on innovation. His company produces eco-friendly clothes made with designs taken from nature. Customers can scan and use these designs. As a result, the customer gets the design quickly in less time, Vishal added.

Dhaka Apparel Expo 2022-shila-nova
Figure 4: More than 200 local and foreign buyers and representatives are also taking part in the weeklong event.

International Apparel Federation (IAF) president Sam Altan said, “Bangladesh is moving forward with careful steps in the world clothing market. Radical changes have already taken place. Green factories have been revolutionized. Buyers are more interested than ever before.

The senior officer of Vite, a supplier of modern machinery for the finishing products of the German clothing industry. Anwar Hossain said, “They work with time-saving technology in iron (ironing) management in garment factories. Due to the state-of-the-art technology of their organization, it is possible to produce more with less time and manpower. Apart from this, 60 percent fuel efficiency is also available. Their company supplies about 80 percent of the equipment used in Bangladesh.

Apart from branding Bangladesh, the week-long mega event ‘Made in Bangladesh Week’ will continue till November 18 to give consumers a clear idea about Bangladesh’s apparel sector.

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