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DIFE creating database of factories and establishments to ensure monitoring

After the Chawk Bazar fire incident on February 20 that killed at least 70 people, the Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishment (DIFE) has a plan to prepare a database of factories and establishments in Dhaka, Narayanganj, Gazipur, and Chattogram in near future to ensure regular monitoring.

DIFE preparing database of factories

DIFE is responsible for inspecting various industries in Bangladesh to ensure safe working condition and a living standard for the workers.

Also, in a recent report produced by a labor ministry committee said, DIFE inspectors take less interest in inspecting factories and establishments outside the Ready Made Garment sector in Bangladesh.

Shib Nath Roy, Inspector General of the DIFE said, “It is true that we put less emphasis on inspection of factories other than RMG as our works were mostly concentrated to the sector due to Rana Plaza building collapse.”

However, DIFE is preparing a database of factories and establishments situated in Dhaka North City Corporation and almost 80% of the job is done.

“After completion of the database, all the factories in the area will come under regular monitoring,” he added.

According to the committee, since its creation in 2014, the DIFE has inspected a total of 23,598 factories and establishments in Dhaka district until February this year.

Of them 8,234 are readymade garment factories, 9,417 are factories outside the RMG sector, 4,181 are shops and 1,766 are other establishments.

During the inspection, DIFE filed a total of 1,719 cases against factories and establishments for violating labor laws and rules.

The report showed that the maximum number of inspections was carried out in RMG factories and the highest number of cases, 377 cases, was filed against the factories.

According to the report, the Dhaka office of DIFE inspected 50% of RMG factories of the total establishments.

It also said that the inspections got relatively less importance in other sectors as 34 inspectors of the department conducted an inspection in 340 RMG factories on a priority basis.

The fire, electrical and structural safety faults were assessed in the factories by the national initiative.


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