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Digital features to adopt consumer behavior in Europe

European fashion apparel retailers are renovating their IT capabilities to keep up with changing consumer behavior trends.

With these retail technologies, they will implement novel shopping experiences that allow for amenities like social commerce, voice commerce, curbside pickup, and home delivery.

Digital features to adopt consumer behavior
Figure: Retailers are teaming up with service providers to employ stores as mini fulfillment centers for digital orders.

Retailers that are based in northern and western Europe are undergoing a digital transformation in response to the increasing prevalence of e-commerce and the need for channel-agnostic shopping experiences.

According to the US-headquartered Information Services Group (ISG), “These retailers are not yet on par with companies from countries like the US and China, they are already ahead of retailers from the eastern European markets.”

Sunder Pillai, Director, and leader, retail and CPG said at Information Services Group that, more European retailers are creating new sales channels, and they expect this trend to accelerate.

Also, service providers are helping companies create a unified shopping experience across all channels.

Besides that, another important consequence of the digital business boom is that now retailers possess an extraordinary amount of localized data on customer behavior and preferences to create unique customer profiles.

“With help from service providers, companies are ready to roll out more personalized marketing campaigns that increase loyalty,” said Jan Erik Aase, partner, and global leader, ISG Provider Lens Research.

Even brick-and-mortar stores of European retailers are incorporating services like cashless and check-out-free shopping for a more customer-friendly experience.

As increased digitization would require robust supply chains for a more seamless customer experience.

According to the report, retailers are teaming up with service providers to employ stores as mini fulfillment centers for digital orders.

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