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Diversification in spinning has a big scope in Bangladesh

Bangladesh textile spinning sector has been playing a critical role in upholding the country’s readymade garment (RMG) exports. The spinners and textile sectors have been investing heavily in capacity expansion and high-end product making.

One of the leading textile conglomerates of Bangladesh – Amanat Shah Group has been pioneering in new innovation, high-end products and sustainable products in textiles.

Amanat Shah Group envisioned by Mohammad Helal Miah – is an upshot of a committed family-owned initiative by upholding product quality and diversity.

Rezaul Karim is the Director of Amanat Shah Group and one of the young leaders of the Amanat Shah family. He has been carrying the wisdom of the family business from his father, a legend in the textile business. Now Rezaul Karim is passionately focusing on their traditional family business to lead it to the next level.

Rezaul Karim-Amanat Shah Group
Figure: Rezaul Karim, Director, Amanat Shah Group.

Amanat Shah Group reached the pinnacle of the Bangladesh’s textile industry by growing capacity in manufacturing all kinds of fabrics and finished garments.

Rezaul Karim said, “In terms of investment we are following a path of gradual process. We work in a balanced way. Right at this moment we are having an investment in the spinning sector. We are mostly focusing on blended yarn. Diversification in spinning has a big scope in Bangladesh as maximum blended or high-end yarn is imported from China. That is why we are focusing on this segment.”

“We have already started the project work and hopefully by the end of this year or as early as the beginning of 2023 will be able to go into production. Amanat Shah is also expanding in dying house and woven factory segment.”

Amanat Shah Group visited in just concluded 21st Textech Bangladesh International Expo.

Rezaul Karim expressed how Bangladeshi textile and apparel manufactures get a chance to be in touch with the new innovations and developments by exploring expos like 21st Textech Bangladesh International Expo.

Rezaul Karim said, “21st Textech Bangladesh International Expo looked quite resourceful to me. As it will give the manufactures a chance to be in touch with the new innovations and developments of dyes and chemical industry, fabric, yarn. Bangladesh textile and RMG is emerging and growing. We are creating a lot of new markets and product diversification. That is why we have to be up to date with the whole eco-system.”

“I personally appreciate such type of expo – as we get all the developments and innovations together. My thanks to Textile Today as they always highlight branding Bangladesh and made in Bangladesh.

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