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Dongyi Sourcing and Textile Today to work for steering innovation

Dongyi Sourcing Limited (DSL) teams up with Textile Today for steering innovation in the textile and apparel industry.

In the signing program on 8 September at its premises Mofazzal Hosen Pavel, Managing Director, Dongyi Sourcing Limited, and Tareq Amin, Founder & CEO, Textile Today signed for the cooperation on behalf of the respective companies.

Figure 1: Mofazzal Hosen Pavel (Right), MD, Dongyi Sourcing Ltd, and Tareq Amin, Founder & CEO, Textile Today signed for the cooperation on behalf of the respective companies.

Amzad Hossain Monir, Manager, Business Development and Md. Eousup Novee, GM-HR & Strategy of Textile Today were also present there.

Textile Today, the leading global textile media platform in Bangladesh appreciates Dongyi Sourcing Limited (DSL) for its contributions towards Textile Today Innovation Hub.

DSL is a prominent readymade garment buying agent and exporter with a vision to deliver world-class service, quality solutions and value-added services to end products for the textile industries on a global level, beginning from fabrics to fashion through the market knowledge, experienced sourcing professionals. By 2025, DSL has a vision to be a $100 million worth company.

Figure 2: Mofazzal Hosen Pavel started DSL’s journey amid the pandemic and drove the business forward in such a troubled time.

Mofazzal Hosen Pavel said, “We have started our journey amid the pandemic. It was our main challenge to keep the business forward in such a troubled time. I will gratefully thank my dynamic team. As they made this journey possible with their assistance.”

“We have focused and invested in design and development. We have a design team in UK besides Bangladesh. We have very good R&D and a design team. Who are working relentlessly to ensure quality and on-time product.”

“The beginning was not easy for us to move forward with business as Bangladesh and across the world went for long-term lockdowns.”

“After June 2020, we didn’t have to look back. And continuing to move forward,” he added.

DSL Bangladesh offers product sourcing, production and quality assurance.

The company has cooperated with prominent international buyers such as NEXT (UK), Cencosud (Chile), Crew clothing (UK), ASOS (UK), Biedronka (Poland), MLSE (Canada), Tequila Tromba (Canada), Jeanologia – Walmart (Canada)

DSL is associated with top-rated factories (Woven, Jersey and Knitwear) in Bangladesh that are highly organized, qualified, for quality and on-time products, and of course, compliance certified. It has a few green-certified factories as well.

It has a dynamic, talented, and well-experienced team and a great office structure, including fabric sourcing, garment technology and compliance.

Figure 3: Textile Today and DSL’s prominent team leadership and members graced the signing ceremony.

Design and product development is the founding principle of Dongyi Business has been built on.

Joining Textile Today Innovation Hub

By partnering with Dongyi Sourcing Limited, ‘Textile Today Innovation Hub’ will expand to a larger scale to bring innovations in the textile and apparel industry.

Textile Today Innovation Hub has been working on various industrial projects in a systematic approach to find out the solutions. The solutions that can help the textile and garment industries to become more sustainable.

Tareq Amin said, “These signings are really a milestone for the Bangladesh textile and apparel industry. As it signifies that the companies are willing to drive innovation to achieve a superior position not only locally but also globally.”

Amin added, “In the initial stage of the pandemic when everybody was losing business, Mofazzal Hosen Pavel started his Dongyi Sourcing Limited at that very moment. Which is truly amazing. Showing his vision and confidence to drive forward. I would say, this courage is required throughout the RMG industry.”

Joining Textile Today Innovation Hub, Dongyi Sourcing Limited believes that the industry will experience a new change in the garment sourcing process, fabric sourcing, development and research team works and other processes.

Being a part of this ‘Innovation Hub’ Textile Today Associates will not only support the platform to function effectively but also the Associates will be able to utilize the knowledge, communication and networking leverage of the platform to position them in the markets as an innovation-driven business.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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