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Duster Ltd. and aeoon Technologies have joined forces to bring DTG printing solutions to Bangladesh market

The global direct-to-garment (DTG) printing market has been gaining traction against the increasing demand for ‘fast fashion products’. At the same time, style and designer fashion preferences are gaining popularity globally due to their cost-effective, faster, and cleaner screen-print methods.

Duster Ltd_aeoon Technologies_joined_DTG printing solutions
Figure 1: Md. Saidul Islam, Managing Director, Duster Limited, Bangladesh.

By 2032, the DTG printing market is projected to reach $1.82 billion and poise a lucrative growth by registering a CAGR of 8.3% over the forecasted period. Now DTG printing has become the go-to choice in the global and Bangladesh printing industry.

DTG printing solution providers have pushed digitization in the garment printing industry to a new level – the timeworn and traditional printing methods are falling in the printing industry gradually – elevating the level of automation. One such contributor, aeoon Technologies has been contributing immensely in manufacturing the fastest and most efficient industrial digital printers in the world.

For more than a decade, Austria-based aeoon Technologies has set it apart with its high-quality DTG printing equipment, unparalleled service and support system, ink cost saving, a long work life, and the prospect to integrate every machine into an automated workflow – making aeoon printers the perfect solution for DTG printing industry.

aeoon Technologies has been operating in Bangladesh for some time but couldn’t expedite them to a such level according to their brand’s name and features due to longer time to figure out a promising and trustworthy business partner here.

In line with this, aeoon Technologies, recently, joined hands with Duster Limited Bangladesh to enhance their business operation here in the Bangladesh market. The partnership with the leading distributor Duster Limited with its remarkable and visionary service of excellence, cutting costs of conducting business by increasing efficiency with automation in operation – aeoon Technologies got an excellent local partner. Duster Limited has in-depth and versatile presence in the industry.

Aeoon Technologies
Figure 2: ‘aeoon Technologies’ cost-efficient solutions will aid the RMG industry to become leaner and more profitable – along with top-notch solutions. 

This tie-up has already getting a positive response from the industry – as printing factories are demanding aeoon’s high-end printing machinery. Md. Saidul Islam, Managing Director, Duster Limited, Bangladesh said to team Textile Today, “Since 2014, we are widespread in most of the major and minor sectors. We are reckoned by providing exceptional excellent customer service. We are confident that our partnership with aeoon Technologies will make their printing solutions a force to reckon with.”

“Recently, we visited our existing customers like GMS Composite, Palmal Group & Dird Group to review the existing machine’s operation and make it fully functional to run those technologies with the optimum efficiency. Interestingly, we are getting queries for reorder from the existing customer base and very good response from the potential clients,” he said.

‘aeoon Technologies’ cost-efficient solutions will aid the RMG industry to become leaner and more profitable – along with top-notch solutions. DUSTER’s robust sales team, after-sales support, and IT team have guaranteed remarkable service excellence for our customers. We ensure a holistic after-sales service for all aeoon’s technology users.

With Duster’s remarkable combined team effort – we believe aeoon Technologies will be auto choice for all printers and the lion’s share of the country’s printing sector to be contributed by our technologies.

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