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Dysin Calibration Laboratory receives the ISO-17025 accreditation certificate

The Calibration Laboratory of Dysin International Ltd has got the ISO-17025 accreditation certificate from Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB) recently. Now, they are capable to provide a broader range of services to the textile industry. Dysin Calibration Laboratory is the first private accredited lab which got the accreditation from BAB in 2015.

Dysin calibration certificate
Figure: Amanur Rahman, Managing Director of Dysin International Ltd receiving the ISO-17025 accreditation certificate from Md Monwarul Islam, Director General of BAB.

“Generally, any equipment which is having the kind of measuring instrument, it should be calibrated to ensure the perfect operation of that equipment,” stated Amanur Rahman, Managing Director of Dysin International Ltd.

“Not only laboratory, production machinery like the dyeing machines should also be calibrated to know the perfect readings,” Amanur Rahman added.

Right now, they are only focusing on the textile industry, but very soon they will extend their calibration service to the other industries.

Dysin is offering textile laboratory services for Bangladesh Textile Industry since 1990. They are the first dyestuff company in Bangladesh to provide computerized color matching service since 1998. Now Dysin is fully equipped with-

Dysin Textile Testing lab

Dysin Textile Testing lab was founded in 2008 for providing Textile Testing service to its customers. The testing laboratory is accredited by Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB) on 30th June, 2013. The accreditation certificate for ISO/IEC-17025 is a milestone in this journey. This laboratory is now providing accredited testing service at an affordable cost to the textile industry commercially.

They also provide consultation on ISO/IEC-17025 accreditation of Textile Testing and Calibration Laboratory. Dysin also conducts training on AATCC methods for textile testing jointly with Textile Today Training.

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