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Dysin’s another contribution to the textile industry through modernizing the coloration laboratory of BUFT

Dysin one of the largest dyestuff and chemicals importers and distributors in Bangladesh for the textile industry sponsored a full range of equipment and accessories for garments printing to the BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT), one of the leading Universities of Bangladesh.

Dysin modernizing coloration laboratory BUFT
Figure 1: Dysin and BUFT hands together to go ahead in creating a knowledge base for future textile leaders.

The range of the equipment shall help the university to enrich their education and research programs.

The handover ceremony was held at BUFT seminar room on 28 June where Muzaffar U. Siddique, Chairman Board of Trustee (BOT), BUFT; Prof. Dr. Engr. Ayub Nabi Khan, Vice-Chancellor (Acting), BUFT; Mizanur Rahman, Chairman of DYSIN International Ltd and Amanur Rahman, Managing Director of the company were present.

Dysin Group is a pioneer in introducing products and techniques to the garments printing and knit dyeing industry in Bangladesh. Having a very positive mindset, Dysin always tries to create a knowledge-based culture in the textile Industry.

Dysin always stays with the development of human capital. They also arrange some training programs in association with Textile Today.

In the handover ceremony Muzaffar U. Siddique and Prof. Dr. Engr. Ayub Nabi Khan welcomed Mizanur Rahman and Amanur Rahman.

In his speech, Amanur Rahman Said, “We value the importance of developing human resource and R&D in terms of developing our capability as a country. That is why we have always been supportive of knowledge-based organizations and knowledge-based programs. And this co-operation with BUFT is one of them.”

“And this is a service from Dysin to our country. Our only request to you is to utilize the facilities properly so that the students come out of this University and the researchers get maximum benefit for this,” Amanur Rahman added.

“We value the importance of developing human resource and R&D in terms of developing our capability as a country.”

Amanur Rahman, Managing Director, Dysin

Later, Mizanur Rahman said “I have been in the textile industry since 1973. We need more textile technologists to take the growth of the textile industry beyond expectations. We are really proud that BUFT has taken the initiative in creating textile technologists very successfully.”

“DYSIN in its 35 years history has continuously maintained knowledge-based development. We have developed our Laboratory services since the beginning of the 1990s. Now we have several ISO 17025 accredited labs fully equipped demonstration centers for garments printing, R & D centers for chemical manufacturing,” Mizanur Rahman proudly said.

He continued, “We are really capable of giving all kinds of training in printing, dyeing and finishing. We have become courage for the industry for development. So, we are really proud to allow us to give some equipment.”

Muzaffar U. Siddique said, “We are really grateful and happy to get this valuable equipment, which will help our university and students a lot.”

Dysin sponsored equipment of Sample Dyeing & finishing BUFT
Figure 2: Managing Director of DYSIN International Ltd. Mr. Amanur Rahman explained the operating procedures with the guests of the newly sponsored equipment of Sample Dyeing & finishing & for Garments printing to BUFT.

“But I believe that it’s not only machines Dysin can only provide to us but also you can support our students by sending technical people to give some technical training and lectures to the specific department’s students and teachers,” Muzaffar U. Siddique added.

At the end of the program ViceChancellor Prof. Dr. Engr. Ayub Nabi Khan showed the newly handed over machinery to the honorable guests. Managing Director of DYSIN International Ltd. Amanur Rahman explained the working procedure of the equipments with the guests.

Dysin has cooperated with several textile universities for developing their laboratory capabilities from the beginning.

This is another contribution to the textile industry of Bangladesh from Dysin and an example for other leading companies to come forward in developing knowledge-based future textile leaders.

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