Eastern Fabric’s legacy of producing high quality household and decorative products

Md Imranul Islam & Obydur Rahman       
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Though Bangladesh is the second largest apparel exporter in the world, it could not flourish the traditional woven sector where a lot of revenues can be earned meeting household demand. Nowadays, this sector is bagging lots of technical problems and chronological technology up gradation failure due to lack of woven experts and proper coordination of government and concerned organizations. In order to keep growing with these traditional industries and resolve their actual problems, policy makers must take strong steps to help boosting up their businesses. Recently Textile Today team has visited Eastern Fabrics Industries Limited at Kumarkhali, Kushtia, which is very famous in all over the country for its attractive and fashionable bed sheet and bed cover. It was established in 1972 by Golam Mostofa after liberation war and succeeded wining the heart of the customers providing high quality household and decorative products.

He started his business with only four looms and he was the first man who started the production of bed sheet, bed cover and velvet Jayanamaja in the country. Now, Managing Director of Eastern Fabrics Industries Limited, Golam Sarowar has extended their business successfully banking on public demand and high quality products. Sister concerns of Eastern Fabrics Industries are Eastern Fabrics Limited, Taj Textile Limited and Sarowar Velvet Limited.

Figure1: Different products of Eastern Fabric Limited.
Figure1: Different products of Eastern Fabric Limited.

On the perspective of demand and supply with the pace of contemporary fashion, the company is trying to modernize their industries in coordination with satisfactory product quality.

Accounts Officer of Eastern Fabrics Limited, Omol Kumar Biswas said, “We have a big plan to modernize our industries with recent power looms to compete with new market demand and consumers perception. But, it is a matter of fear that this is very tough for us to maintain quality of products with desired design due to lack of technical collaboration.”

Figure 2: Product name vs production capacity (pieces) of Eastern Fabrics Limited per day.
Figure 2: Product name vs production capacity (pieces) of Eastern Fabrics Limited per day.

The looms of this industry are made by Japan and Germany containing Dobby or Jacquard Shedding Mechanism. These are conventional power looms. They also have sectional warping machine and different packages of winding machine, which are made by china. In addition, Dying section bearing hand dying facilities is used for special purposes of yarn dying.

To meet the consumer demand every year new weaving industries are appearing with their new diversified products fashionably towards customers. Products from export oriented industries are being flooded in to local market. Export oriented industries usually enjoy number of benefits. These activities actually pave the way of business eradication of traditional textile sector in Bangladesh.

According to the supervisor of Eastern Fabrics Limited, Md Robiul Islam stated, “Modern weaving industries wearing rapier, air jet and water jet weaving facilities produce same quality products as we produce in our industries and sell these products at lower price than us. As a result, this creates mistrust among customers about our products, which deduct our profit margin of company. But, at the same time, it is good for us that modern industries are failing to deliver same design and quality due to technical inconvenience as we provide towards our customers that help us to create trust towards our customer.”

Figure 3: Production technology of Eastern Fabric Limited.
Figure 3: Production technology of Eastern Fabric Limited.

Eastern Fabrics Industries Limited still does not compromise the quality of products. This Company provides high quality products towards customers through lots of authorized selling center situated at different parts of the country. Omol Kumar said, “We are attaining higher customer satisfaction by providing constant and high quality products towards our customer. Due to constant rate of product price, different fashionable designs and product replacement service paves the way of customer attraction and fulfillment of consumer demand.”

He also added that product diversification would be very easy if new technology could be set up or upgraded in the existing looms. He told that it was impossible due to lack of woven experts and skill manpower; if government and textile policy makers help the scenario would change within short time.

Despite having number of problems, Eastern Fabric has achieved national and international prize in 1986 and 2000 at International Trade Fair, Dhaka in household weaving sector. On the context of national heritage and social values, the government should come forward to traditional textile sectors for their continuous development. Many potential traditional industries like Eastern Fabrics Industries are struggling to survive in different parts of the country. It is time to find out these potential industries and providing technical and other support with product promotion facilities to save the valuable sector from abolishment.

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