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Ensuring higher quality with increased productivity of yarn: Suessen Elite Compact System

Customer expectation on quality of yarn is increasing day by day. Clean surface has become one of the important issues of fabric quality. This has created the necessity to reduce yarn hairiness.

But improvement of quality (Hairiness) requires either or combination of the following actions: –

  1. Use of better raw material.
  2. Using higher TM (Twist Multiplier) in the ring frame.
  3. Slower speed in the process machinery.

All the above actions eventually result in increased cost of production of yarn. Not only that, for knit yarn increasing TM may result in “Spirality” issue which is very difficult to handle.

Figure 1: SUESSEN Elite Compact decreases hairiness, increases productivity and strength significantly.

So, a solution that can improve quality as well can improve productivity is the ultimate solution that market has been looking since long time.

SUESSEN picked the market requirement first time as a new century started in 1999, in Paris ITMA and provided the market with a solution that could meet the ends; Productivity with Quality. Initially it was not easy to meet the two ends but SUESSEN kept their relentless effort in R&D and today only SUESSEN ELITE COMPACT SYSTEM is equipped to provide a complete solution which makes it possible to improve yarn quality with higher productivity.

SUESSEN Elite Compact can ensure the following: –

  1. Increase productivity by 10-15% with the same material and mixing ratio, in comparison with the conventional ring spinning system.
  2. Decrease hairiness by 20-25% with the same material and TM, in comparison with the conventional ring spinning system.
  3. Increase strength by 20-25% with the same material and speed, in comparison with the conventional ring spinning system.

Considering the above benefits so far worldwide and in Bangladesh, 12 million and 1 million spindles, respectively, has been converted to SUESSEN ELITE Compact System and its population is rapidly growing in Bangladesh.

From the investment point of view, the payback period is maximum 2 years, depending on how it is utilized and yarn marketed.

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