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Envoy Textiles to invest $11mn in denim yarn unit

Envoy Textiles Ltd. (ETL) to initiate a second denim yarn spinning unit at the factory’s manufacturing plant in Mymensingh’s Bhaluka. Envoy Textiles Limited will invest €10.8 million or $11.2 million to commence this state-of-the-art denim yarn spinning project.

Envoy-Textiles-Ltd-invest $11-million-denim-yarn-factory
Figure: Envoy Textiles Limited’s Founder Kutubuddin Ahmed (Second from right) and Tanvir Ahmed (Right), Managing Director – with ADB officials. Courtesy: Collected

The new denim yarn spinning unit will be installed with automated and more energy-efficient machinery – where the annual yarn production capacity will be 3,600 tons production to primarily use for in-house manufacturing of denim fabrics.

Tanvir Ahmed, Managing Director, Envoy Group said to Textile Today, “The new denim yarn spinning unit will be equipped with the most up-to-date spinning gear – which will increase denim yarn and all types of innovative blended yarn production capacity. And decreasing dependence on imported yarn and increasing our industry’s effectiveness, sustainability, and energy proficiency.”

He also added that the newest unit will reduce electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through the use of energy-efficient and modern equipment.

The funding will be provided by Asian Development Bank (ADB) to support, and finance the acquisition and installation of energy-efficient spinning machinery and other apparatus to grow sustainable textile production at ETL.

Envoy Textiles Ltd. is a renowned and leading denim factory of Bangladesh and it is the 1st LEED Platinum Certified denim factory in the world. Envoy has a yearly denim fabric production capacity of 52 million yards, about 10% of the country’s total capacity.

Envoy Textiles Ltd. always prioritizes sustainability – thus compared to the conventional denim dyeing process, ETL saves up to: 92% water, 87% cotton waste, 30% energy.

Thrive for the best possible process machines and environment concern practices gave Envoy Textiles Limited a prestigious position in the world. Due to the best possible setup in Utility machines and equipment, it secured LEED Platinum as a first in the world. It secured the 3rd position from CPI 2 in carbon emission performance in the world. We secured one of the best scores in Higg Index 3.0 in Bangladesh. ETL is the first textile Factory in Bangladesh that has upgraded itself with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 certification in the country.

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