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Envoy Textiles Ltd plans to distribute 5000 trees

Envoy Textiles Limited has planned to distribute 5000 fruits and wooden trees among nearby 10 schooling students as part of its CSR activities since 2019.

Figure: Day-2 of the distribution program.

The objective of this program is to neutralize CO2 emission by us as well as reduce global warming impact in collaboration with Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation.

Envoy is the 1st LEED Platinum Certified denim factory in the world.

It addresses total and holistic ecosystem from the raw materials to finished products as well as it addresses the holistic approach to total ecosystem under its own operational area with stringent practice, incremental investment in machinery consuming less water and generate less Green House Gas (GHG), landscaping, ecological sustainability, sustainable and quality food chain for better health assurance for its workforce and best water use within its area.

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