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Epic Group caring employees partnering with VisionSpring

For over 50 years, Epic Group has been a key player in the apparel industry as a major textile trading house, with caring about their employees’ health and wellbeing. Recently they announce their partnership with VisionSpring.

Epic group for workers safety
Figure:  Epic group and VisionSpring partnership will be fruitful to the Clear Vision Workplace program.

VisionSpring provides affordable eyeglasses, vision screening, and training for non-profits, social entrepreneurs, govt. agencies and corporate clients.

As Epic group is working to improve employees’ eye health. So, their partnership with VisionSpring will be fruitful to the Clear Vision Workplace program.

According to Epic Group, “From our first round of screenings, we learned that 31.1% of those screened require eyeglasses, with 84.64% of those people being first-time wearers.”

Also, they thanked this partnership and said they were able to correct team members’ low vision and better ensure eye health and safety.

Besides that, they look forward to continuing these screening programs in all of their manufacturing facilities and bringing a clear vision to all Epic Group employees.

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